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Although she saw everything with her own eyes.
Now the main thing for her will be to accept, and come to terms with the thought that her former life is over.
And he will not tolerate objections, if she resists, he will force her.
Connecting, the wolves could no longer be away from their pair.
Having made a decision, he calmed down a bit when a new illumination burst into his brain.
He remembered how he broke into it and passed through the barrier.
His eyes widened in surprise.
She was a virgin.
The wolf growled with great pride and pleasure.
My! Only mine.
After lying on the grass for about an hour, he gently stroked it with his large hands, trying not to touch her delicate flesh with his sharp claws.
Drake felt the penis begin to shrink and the grip went away.
His contented wolf also retreated, and he returned to human form.
Carefully taking her exhausted body in his arms, he went to his house, carefully carrying the precious burden.
Going inside, he went upstairs and headed towards his bedroom, where there was a simple large bed.
Dropping her on the bed, he lay down next to her, pulled her close, and turned her on her side, pressing his buttocks against her buttocks, even after such an orgasm, with a semi hard member.
And so he fell asleep, tightly clutching her in his wolf arms.

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“Where the Countess Tigrsky is now is unknown to us, my queen.”
My deepest apologies.
– From you there is no sense, slackers! How dare you appear before her with nothing ?! – But.
– what are the “but”? You have been given an order! – Shut up already, headache.
– But Cassandra.
– No “but.”
Get out.
Not much time has passed since the queen again became the mistress of her castle.
She wanted to think that she was again keeping everything under control, but alas, there were things that she could not change.
As, for example, the situation with her friend the Countess Tigers.
Cassandra sat and recalled the girl.
actually quite a child.
She blew her lips so funny when her more grown-up interlocutor started talking again and again on topics that were alien to her – about her adventures on the love front.
“Just a child.
The last time I saw her lips on the penis of this damn dog Shryukn.
Heck! And where have you gone, you fool ?! The poor girl was captured almost at the beginning of the conflict.
They didn’t even tell me they didn’t want to upset me.
What kind of a queen, if I do not know what happens to my friends? After I got rid of the owner of the dog, it took a long time.
Damn, how did I not notice ?! However, I was fucked by this freak, and I was staring more at the member of the animal.
huge dick.
Gods, why didn’t I notice her belly ?! However, it was small.
but how is that possible ?! She flew from Shryukna! Even when she was finally found, the reptile dog resisted.
and she defended him.
How could they miss them ?! She is not in herself.
quite a roof gone.
ran into the woods with her dog.

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now what? They did not find her.
Gods, she decided to give birth! What will happen to her reputation? Yes, what a reputation there: “The countess goes mad after incessant rape by a whole army of demons, who often put her under her dog! Livejasmin work.

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