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Elena explained very lucidly that when oil fountains run out in twenty years and oil will seep through the sandy layers, our results on Bingham fluids ahead of their time will be worth their weight in gold, we will become famous and rich.
When I heard how she appetizing adapted this difficult topic for the humanities, I experienced a strong arousal and barely broke the unfortunate blouse on her, now really.
Well, I can not pass by a talented woman.
Finally, she nicely said goodbye.
When the door closed behind the guest, Anka and I had stormy sex.
Apparently, each of us represented Helen in his arms.
Sex was stormy and long, with shouts, squeals, slaps and running naked along our long corridor.
The aged Ankina’s grandmother, who lived with us, peeking out of the door of her room into the corridor with apprehension.
She, a participant in three revolutions, an old Bolshevik, a health care student and a hero of the pre-war vaccination of the peoples of the Far North, wanted to go to the toilet for a long time, but she did not dare to go out into the corridor until the deep evening.
However, she was not surprised at anything and did not express any complaints: she had seen enough and not like that in the Far North and in the GULAG.
The next morning, on Sunday, I carefully examined the body of the victim, I felt that something was wrong.
I rolled Anka from side to side, examined millimeter by millimeter.
Naked Anka rant: – I find three sources and three component parts of this extraordinary orgasm.
Thirdly, you were staring at me! I wasn’t even humiliated in public, and it turned out to be very exciting.

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So it is: there were two small but contrasting hickeys on the right side of the neck.
Since it’s not typical of my love handwriting, it’s clear that this is some kind of encrypted message from Elena for me.
Riddles multiplied.
However, Anka reacted to the news pragmatically: – Well: hickey and hickey.
Recall in the evening, I will attach the boiled onion.
If I taught French literature, hickeys would even be a decoration.
And for the seminar on the topic “All bourgeois sociologists are imbeciles,” this is not very suitable, well: we will drape something and everything.
– To you can? Asked a voice from the already slightly open door.
– Yes, come of course – the man, 45 years old, answered at the table, –

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for what reason? – He asked.
On the face of the girl was read annoyance and a certain fear, which made her charming.
– I am about the transaction, which I was engaged in, today I had a meeting with a client.
Unfortunately, this meeting was not very successful.
I lost a client, there will be no order.
She said quickly, in a seemingly calm tone, but timidity was clearly heard in her voice.
The man at the table exhaled, looked down at the table, then looked at her again.
He paused for a bit, then calmly and somehow “in a commanding way” asked: “and how did it happen, honey?”.
He looked at her intently.
She began to tell how it was, and he watched, did not listen, but watched her plump lips close and open, uttering words, thick eyelashes fluttering up and down, under a gray dull jacket often heaved with excitement chest.
She fingered the edge of the skirt, worrying, then tucked a red curl behind her ear, exposing her tender neck on one side.
The man at the table caught himself thinking that he would gladly have eagerly pressed against this neck and would have squeezed her elastic chest in his hand.
The girl’s lips stopped moving and he understood that she had finished speaking.
He was silent, and she waited for his reaction to her story.
He inhaled, put his hand to his chin, bent his index finger under his lip, and said with a smirk: “Well, then you should be punished for such a mistake.”
She humbly nodded, waiting for a verdict in the form of a fine salary.
– How old are you, Nastya? – 23.
– Well, how could such a young professional make such a mistake? Live teen sex.

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