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As if they were afraid of me, although this was not the case before.
Well, that they obeyed me.
Arthur they are bad for you.
You’re so spoiling all your studies.
you promised – I turned and ran away to myself, and he remained there to sit.
I really was bad, because I love my only brother so much.
I lay on the bed and thought about it.
Then I remembered yesterday and began to masturbate again.
Closing my eyes felt so good, and I almost reached orgasm pulling at my girl.
but then there is a knock at the door.
My heart beat so fast.
I did not have time to pull out my hand, when Arthur entered the room it was too late.
AGAIN? – he shouted at me.
Well, I just.
What’s easy? I forbade it.
and besides, you promised me yesterday? Well.
You also promised a lot and did not fulfill it.
What are you talking about? About my friends.
This is No! – I interrupted him.
Do not turn away from the topic.
I need to punish you for what you did. What are you talking about? You know what I mean.
And what will you do? To begin with, you’re under house arrest for a month.
No, I Silent vile girl.
For too long I have regretted and spoiled you.
It’s time to stop this, okay? Yes Secondly.
no Internet and phone, as well as a TV and a tape recorder.
Give me the player quickly.
I had to obey him and it was a paradise for me.
but no punishment turned out to be even worse.
And the last in the third.
Lie down on my lap Why? – I began to guess why, but I made a fool of myself and tried to stretch his time, although I could not do it well.
Running I gently laid my tummy on his knees and my ass and back were in his power.
I put my head on the chair and legs too.
Suddenly I heard the sound of a belt.
Arturchik is not necessary please, I promise that I will never do it again.

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you can’t beat your sister — at that moment, I was really scared.
This is for your own good.
for you.
for your own good girl.
You will understand.
Continuation will follow if you want to know him! Waiting for your letters.
I was always excited not by bare asses, breasts, legs and not even open cunt (although all these are pleasant scenes).
I was always excited by whores, bitches, ready to surrender to the first passerby, let him be a complete sharamyga.
Well, now before my fantasies.
Autumn, I was going home, raising the gate, drizzling.
Not reaching the entrance of some 20 meters, I heard someone vomit.
I looked into the nearest entrance.
There was a woman drunk in the board, I know her as the head of the Bukh department.
Once she was a graduate, a young specialist, she taught with me.
She looked up at me, pretty, and she was not dressed poorly.
“Hooley stared, scumbag? In her eyes, I saw what I needed.”
Whore, and goner.
Grab her hair: – Svetlana Alexandrovna? “Svetlana,” she nodded.
– Come on, scum.
I dragged her home, at first she resisted, but calmed down after a pair of cuffs.
In the apartment, her ambition disappeared, I pushed her into the hall, she dropped her skirt and fought, there appeared a cunt.
Light was without panties.
Looks like today she already had.
She voluntarily spread her legs and began to masturbate her pussy.
I did not stand for a long time turned it over, put on bitches, and fucked in pussy.
This bitch was excited and I realized that it was time to start the game.
He took out his collar, chained it and dragged it out into the park.
Twilight had already fallen, they only saw her close, and she could easily have passed for a dog.
In the park, I tied her to a tree and unfolded her ass to the part that I was going through and wrote a free damn thing on her rolls with a phosphorus marker.
He himself stepped aside and turned on the camera.
The first was a group of drunken students.
– Look, free fucking – all in a chorus neigh.
“This is Svetlana Aleksandrovna,” they recognized her, she taught from them, apparently.
The students were great.
Were not sorry for her.
One drove the dick in her ass, two were attached at the mouth.
She sucked at them gasping.
After letting her ass go around in a circle, they finished her off, sperm flowed straight from the anus to pussy.
The members were smeared with shit, but her mouth quickly fixed it.
Laughing and swearing guys

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are gone.
While no one was attached to her, Sveta was moaning and jerking off her pussy. Live sexting free.

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