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Even at the doctors’ reception, I remembered such facts as they clearly spoke of my female nature: I remembered how I would sit like a little boy, play dolls with other girls, never fight, but on the contrary was always offended, by their peers boys, as mothers played the role of a daughter who is busy in the apron and cap, taken from a big doll.
Just got all sorts of analyzes.
And then a week after all the tests I was diagnosed with transsexualism.
Treatment of hormone therapy, followed by surgery, but this is as a young growth, I will go through the process of external feminization.
Mother was clearly depressed.
She then thought she would be right.
– Well, since the doctors said so, then I wash my hands.
But! Finish school as a boy and it is not discussed.
– Ira, but this is 2 years old.
After all, her breasts will grow and shape change.
– Nothing, tits, when they grow up – we tie up with an elastic bandage, above the stretchevy shirt, and forms.
It will wear something spacious, so it does not catch the eye.
– And my opinion is not interesting to anyone? – I showed up.
– Not! Go to your room.
And you Alla, as the initiator of this all.
You will teach her the rules of hygiene,

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manners, you will train your voice, as well as cleaning, washing, cooking food.
I won’t have time for this.
As well as to monitor the intake of hormones, so that everything was clear.
– You got a stepmother.
– and I winked at her.
– Nothing, break through.
She answered.
From the next day, everything began to change.
In my wardrobe began to appear, different girlish things, in addition to underwear, 2 sundresses appeared, 2 pairs of sandals of the 39th size, one stilettos, a new nightgown.
As well as several tops, breeches, tights, two skirts, one mini and one flared, and one very sexy cream-colored dress with a deep neckline on the back.
Different courses with shaping and voice exercises have been ordered on the Internet.

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July came.
I started taking hormones, in parallel I was doing housework, I was learning to cook.
In the evenings, Alla taught me how to do makeup, to walk on heels.
They trained the timbre of the voice, sang and parodied famous singers with a beautiful female voice.
Once even had sex when mom was away.
I made her a kunik and hammered with a vibrator, she fucked me with a dildo, making me a blowjob on the way.
It was agreed that not a word to mother, but it would turn upside down.
Days, weeks, months went by.
Somewhere in the middle of August, I finally felt that my nipples became very sensitive, and the areola became larger in diameter.
I was scared, but Mom and Alla assured me that everything is fine.
But everyone turned to the doctor.
Feeling (it was painful when I felt the nodules under the areola) and after examining me, the doctor said that the process had begun.
And everything is fine.
Also, my skin became smooth, the fat began to be deposited where necessary, namely on the ass, thighs, breasts.
Muscle mass decreased.
Hands and legs became more feminine.
In general, the figure, the female figure began to appear.
She was still barely noticeable, but it was already pleasing.
I have changed and understood that there was no way back.
It seemed to me that every day I am more and more like a girl.
August was coming to an end, and I realized that all these charms would need to be hidden while in school.
The first of September was awful.
It was hot, all the guys were undressing, they took off their jackets while staying in some shirts on their naked bodies.
I couldn’t do this, otherwise everyone would see my growing chest.
It seemed to me that everyone was staring at me and pointing to the back with a finger.
Thank God there were only 4 lessons, then we received textbooks and homes.
For the first time it was hard for me to carry a bunch of textbooks.
Day after day, I began to get used to it.
In the morning school, afternoon and evening various exercises.
So the first half year passed.
In the wardrobe there was an increase in the number of clothes and various linen.
Buying things was not difficult.
Alla or Mom and I went to the store, calmly chose what we liked and went to the fitting room, then one of them paid off at the checkout while I waited outside.
In another store they already bought something fresh, top of the men’s wardrobe.
It seemed the body was changing every day.
The breasts grew very well, back in December they were nylochka sisechki, and in March one can already say almost the first size, with large papillae and a slightly darkened areola in diameter of about.
5 cm
The doctor said that I would be able to count on the chest of the full 3rd size after 2 years, constant hormone therapy, given that heredity has me. Live sex kamera.

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