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And grabbed the egg, Gone and the trace was cold Grandfather was angry in the morning, angry And for dinner he shot himself Grandma wept, roared A month later he died, One chicken lives, Jeweler fucks her!
Met x.
th with p: oyu, Middle-aged – not young! To tell the truth; our hero, Was, the identity is not very young.
There is a long-standing argument between them: – “Which of them is more important ?! And they are still arguing: – “Which of them is more important ?!!” P: yes, that was important, she lived under her skirt, a rich business lady.
She always followed her, And in the lip she wore a gold ring — not of copper.
This lady had a carrier, Seemingly, just like a gorilla.
And although spit here, though not spit, And he had a “decent” x.
Here is this x.
th, with n: oyu touy Sit and argue with each other.
He says to him: a: ??- “I shine like a star, But you constantly sleep And hang your head down.
I am always ready for battle, Yes, at least, with you, You only occasionally stand, Well, answer me! Why are you silent? “-” Ah, you are torn n.
yes, me too Found a star! Near train
Py you are sticking up, Though you ahah and ukhaet, But the stench, her, sniff And yet, something, grumbling! “-” Well? Your master – a monkey Kisses me constantly, Ile caresses the tongue, Penetrating deeply, Talking with this, What is sweeter, me, any candy! In me then, you pops, And already! To reach the uterus.
If you’d stand more often, My life would be sweeter. ”
– “The owner is doing it, For that! He gets a salary, and you need so much.”
ev, as in this flock of sparrows.
Oh! I now laugh, Yes, I stand when I want! “So you got up! Mistress in your mouth, Takes you very hard, And sucks so hard, Even I opened my mouth! That’s where the evil comes from, After all, I don’t get you! – “Remember? You stood like a stake, And you climbed to your girlfriend under the hem! I pay you a salary, You can see, an extra waste, Better, you, do not make me angry, Home, of course, I am! “-” A friend, because blood and milk, Moreover, very young, I made an attempt! A bummer! “He said, with shame, burning down: – -” And why did you give it to your neighbor last lunch at last Wednesday ?! ! And at home you do not give your husband, You say you are tired !.

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Lies! “-” So what? I gave it to my neighbor – I’ll go on holiday with him, He’s.
Th is not great, But handsome! In! What a! Not that yours !.
Gorilla, Descendant of homo – hamadryl And: because I do not give my husband, That I do not like him.
ek something so small, Besides, you really shouldn’t, Think you are my dear, Well, how can he please me ?! ! Do not fuck
t, but only teasing, Well, what kind of holiday is this ?! “Holiday – for sure, I know, When you fucked.
sew me
nd noticeably grown bolder and to p.
de sat down closer: – – “Well, you love me, So, the main thing, I will be!” – “Do not try mine, you will, Ah, not that! You’ll be fired!” He was frightened at first, Then he took it, and he got up He got up at the height of his mighty height Apparently, it was not so simple! X.
th to p.
de! That from him: – “You will not get anything, Until you recognize the main one, You in all respects will give me to you, – you will know me, You will not give me anything! X.
th thought only a moment: – “Yes, my forget-me-not, well, of course, I recognize Palm, yours! P.
but it seemed to brighten: – “Well, then another thing, come closer to me, And

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come quickly to me! X.
th came up.
Yes, and entered, and p.
de became good.
He made 2 or 3 pitching, portraying a simpleton.
Suddenly, from her lips, a moan broke: – “Everything! Now I will go out! If! – I think you know?! I don’t recognize me!” – “I give up! You, the most important! My dear and very glorious! But you, please, do not stand, Move my good”: Well, come on stronger! Like this! Yes! eb: you are a whale! So, here I gave n: de repulse Our x.
th – hero, ending the argument.
And he tore it until the morning, Reaching out, the bottom – inside! Then she fell asleep side by side, And only for lunch they rested.
At lunch, however, x.
I got up: I needed a little need — I used to knock about in the toilet: I came back to pi again.
And that! Lies! Pouting lips: – “Well, come on! To purge my pipes!” And x.
laziness: – “well, how much can you? With your cope? Very difficult!” Here with a new force the dispute broke out, which lasts until now!
This story will be different from most similar ones in that it will be presented exactly as it happened.
The topic of whores and violations of prohibitions associated with this is not new, but I myself was often in a situation where I wanted to read a story that would push my boundaries, but instead read the crafts of those who did not push the boundaries. Live nude granny cams.

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