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had to admire such original work.
My wife boasted that the number of holes in the clasp indicates how many times she received orgasms.
I told him myself how many times – and he immediately drew the holes.
Breakfast was ready.
To chat was not when.
I retired to work with a bullet, with pleasure watching how my happy Taberka walk erotically naked through the apartment.
All the same at the end of the day Faya met us at the entrance.
But this time I just burst into embarrassment.
On Faye there was an awesomely frank blouse with such a huge neckline that it was easy to go outside, either the left or the right nipple.
At the same time, the blouse was generally without a single button – it simply shoved under the huge black belt with overlap.
The black belt was a complete copy of the belt that I painted today on the body of my wife.
But then completely unexpected: a red mini-skirt flared.
The skirt rose easily to the breeze.
And on the legs kolgotochki-mesh.
Such a large mesh that only prostitutes can afford.
Equally bright red colored stilettos.
I was leaving work with a whole crowd of my work colleagues.
I was afraid to approach my wife — well, what would they think of me.
So flushed and rose like a pillar.
But then a neighbor flew past me.
And absolutely no one, without hesitating, immediately kissed my wife with a passion for all.
My colleagues at work and appreciated my words of yesterday – that this friend of mine kisses with his wife.
I even felt relieved from my heart – just yesterday everyone thought exactly that way.
Well and, thank God, that this is exactly what I heard.
True, someone put me in an awkward position with such a frank phrase – you, as a friend of this family, introduce me to them – all of a sudden I will fuck her, well, not only will you fuck this lucky wife.

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To what I replied, well, this is, you should ask her husband.
Well, so you and imagine them to me – after all they said yesterday that you are a friend of their family.
Well, ahrenet! At this point, I have a member right and hardened.
I was no longer embarrassed by the thought, but I was excited by the idea of ??presenting such an agitated colleague to my own wife, who is now a hitchhiker;
Without waiting for any reaction from me, this persistent admirer resolutely approached a kissing couple from the back of my spouse and frankly insolently all his body fell in behind her.
And oh my God, my neighbor, somehow decisively opened my Faechka and immediately, like a baton, literally stuck my wife’s swollen lips into the lips of another man.
Faya apparently suggested that I was the one who came up – and also, in a hickey, clung to kissing another man.
In the meantime, my neighbor loudly addressed me: “friend of the family, why are you standing on the sidelines -“ com-tsu-peace, shnell ”.
Here and Faya, at last, took the initiative – pushed the stranger away from her, although she succeeded only because he was at that moment raising her mini-skirt to her waist, t.
did not hold her in his arms.
Practically everyone saw a large mesh of kolgotchek transported, which is really not any panty and no.
But then through the laughter Fi gave a pearl – well, not in my taste, I like this lover and pointed at me with her finger.
And then rushed in my direction.
Everything around her filled with ringing laughter.
The neighbor removed the attack of the excited male from the embrace which my Fayechka had pulled out.
I literally bloomed in gratitude that she immediately whirled me in a waltz dance, throwing my torso back so that both breasts freely showed everyone their nipples and brown halos around excited nipples.
We immediately embraced the three of us.
And so embracing, retired away from the checkpoint.
Such publicity and such relaxedness in the behavior of my wife, who at the same time managed to present herself as the neighbor’s wife, and I couldn’t even imagine me as a friend of their family.
Boys – you are great, that you have so decisively defended your lady.
Well, yes – not at all, you still come naked to the entrance gate – and we will have to beat you even more resolutely.
And we all three neighing.
Looking back, I saw excited eyes of both women and men with whom I work.
All at once it was not where to rush. Live boobs show.

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