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Once on a warm summer evening, I went to the balcony to breathe.
I saw a guy in the bushes under the balcony.
not directly below me, but a little to the right, after a couple of windows.
he jerked off.
it was already dark, probably after 11 pm everything happened, I don’t know for sure.

Apparently he thought that he would remain unnoticed at dusk.
and, in principle, nothing much was visible, I could not see his face from the fifth floor.
for some reason I started to get excited.
nothing exciting in principle in the form of a masturbating person I have never found.
and here some circumstances soon became a push.
what I found him when he didn’t expect to be noticed, plus I tried to present a spectacle that he was jerking off to.
I figured out who lives there on the ground floor, if correctly calculated, then the young family.
or rather, they are not quite young people, about 30 years old, but got married not long ago, apparently for their stormy sex, which had not survived even years of life, that boy was watching.

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I didn’t particularly remember the housemates in the face, vaguely recalled that couple, and suddenly in my imagination I drew pictures of what might be happening there now.
I was already trembling with excitement, my hand stretched itself into panties.
and that boy under the window peaked and lowered.
and from such a picture I was covered with waves of voluptuousness.
I do not know how much time has passed, I gradually regained consciousness.
I was lying on the floor of the balcony, limp, like a wet rag, in an incomprehensible pose, with my hand in panties.
benefit of a balcony in my room, and my parents were already sleeping in another, and did not see what happened to me.
The next day, I decided to go where the boy was standing, and see if I was right about the window and those who live there.
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