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Probably because it is sweeter than others.
By the way, Sasha needs to pour him into a baby bottle – like Andryusha.
Although a seven-year probably will not be enough.
I’ll give you two.
It’s good that we have plenty of these bottles

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. ”
I opened one of the kitchen cabinets and took out three baby bottles from there.
“Let’s give this green one to Andryusha,” I decided, “And two purple sachets.”
It will be necessary to trace, so as not to be confused.
Because in Sasha’s juice, we now add.
– I slyly smirked, – Special vitamins. ”
“Vitamins” were bags of diuretic powder, which I bought specially for Sasha.
“It should not be felt in the juice,” I thought, pouring the powder into both Sasha’s bottles, “Especially in such a sweet one.” – I shouted into the hall.
Less than a minute later, Lenka appeared in the kitchen accompanied by four boys.
– You, Kolya, sit down here, – I began to quit, – And Maximka knows her cup.
– And who are these bottles? – Lenka asked, – Andryusha? All three? “Andryusha is only one,” I explained. “This one.”
And two purple – Sasha.
– The seven-year-old boy, striding after Lenka, stopped abruptly.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” – I turned to Sasha, – These two bottles are for you.
– I do not want to drink from such! – offended declared the boy.

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– Where poured, from there and you will drink! – I raised my voice, slapping Sasha on the pope.
The boy grimaced and roared loudly.
“This is only the beginning,” I promised Sasha in a stern tone, “If you don’t sit down at the table right now, I’ll pull down the panty hoses and beat up on bare ass.”
Right here, in plain sight.
I am not going to stand on ceremony with you, unlike Yulia.
Sasha gave me a frightened look and obediently sat down at the table.
The truth is, as soon as I tried to put a baby bottle in his mouth, the boy began desperately to dodge.
– Everything! – I said firmly, – Get up! And now we take off tights.
– Not on-ado! – Sasha roared.
“Attempt number 2,” I grinned, putting the baby bottle in my boy’s mouth again, “That’s better.”
Sit down and drink.
“Fathers!” – I realized it, turning to Maxim.
While I was fighting with Sasha, a three-year-old kid managed to grab a second purple bottle and drink almost half of the juice.
“Already smacks, – I smiled, – And my own cup with juice is full.
I wanted to try a baby bottle.
Of course – such a beautiful, openwork form, with two plastic handles, an intricate nipple and other twists. ”
I tried to carefully pick up a baby bottle from Maxim.
– Ooo! – the baby roared in protest, clinging to the bottle with both hands.
“Silly one,” I grinned, leaving Maxim alone. “Well, now, like Sasha, you will write every half hour.
I washed and filled with juice a new baby bottle.
“It’s good that a refrigerator separates me from the kitchen table,” I thought, pouring a bag of diuretic powder into the juice, “Not to mention that the boy sits with my back to me.”
Upon reflection, I decided to add a laxative to the juice.
“Oh, that will begin in half an hour,” I grinned, shaking the contents of a baby bottle several times.
– Quickly dealt with the first bottle, – I praised Sasha, returning to the table, – Well, take the second one. Indonesia live sex video.

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