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“Even if Madonna and the Whore live in the same woman, the man wants them to take turns in her at his will.”
The style of clothes, behavior, speech, gait, make-up – all this turns into a tool for catching men, not telling us too much about what a woman really is.
Such sexuality is nothing more than a behavior that every woman can learn, in general, every woman (if you wish, of course).

This is a gloss, ritual mask of seduction that can hide anything under it.
As befits a mask, it is always the same, and therefore we don’t distinguish busty gerls from glossy covers: they all look the same to us.
More precisely, the face fades into the background here, yielding primacy to more important parts of the body.
But there is another sexuality.
It is impossible to teach her: she, like honey Winnie the Pooh, or is, or not.
A woman does not think about her, and she is as natural as breathing.
It is very difficult to understand how such sexuality is expressed, because it is evenly dissolved in everything that a woman does.

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It would seem that an ordinary girl in front of you is one of those who are called “modest”: he never puts on anything defiant, does not make up more brightly than necessary, thinks not about men, but about his business, which he is genuinely passionate about, and about many other important matters waiting for her – pleasant and unpleasant, easy and difficult – and for each of them is taken naturally, without thinking about how it looks from the outside.
But her gait, movements, smile, glances, laughter, dimples on the cheeks tear down the sinful male blood so that sometimes you want to throw the poor thing on the floor, expose her shame and pour all that boiled from her gait and laughter.
But no, it is impossible: the girl trusts you.
Icebaby cam sex.

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