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Sasha noticed my amazed look. Well, what did you expect from my girl? he said.
I leaned over to his ear and whispered that I wanted them to fuck her together. – Wait first, I fucked you properly.
And he began to move his pelvis faster until the end of driving me and his penis.
Suddenly, on the back of my neck, I felt women’s lips, her hands dropped below to my clitoris, it was Oksana, the owner, she quickly moved her fingers on my clitoris and after a few seconds, waves of a crazy orgasm rolled through my body, I screamed and fought in convulsions and when Oksana calmed down, she kissed me firmly on the lips, Sasha leaned toward me and said, You are just super.
I was in seventh heaven.
Turning her face to the living room, she had a wonderful picture in front of her — Oleg lay on her back, right on the floor, and Olya saddled his strong member, sitting with her back to him rhythmically moving her backside.
Oleg firmly squeezed Olya halves and moved his pelvis in her direction.
I realized that he was about to end and I wanted to be there when it happened.
Olya saw that my face was already at the level of her pussy and realizing my desire literally put his cock in my mouth.

I quickly moved my head, trying not to miss the moment.
I enjoyed every inch of this member and relished the taste of Olya’s pussy on it.
His head tightened and slightly increased, and after a second, a jet of hot sperm hit me in the mouth, and then another.

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There was so much of her that my lips parted and she ran down her cock.
Olga raised my face and put her lips into my lips, in a passionate kiss she enjoyed his juice from my lips.
I could not get enough and licked the sperm from the eggs and from the trunk of Oleg trying to squeeze him to the last drop.
At that time, Anya was already sitting on her boyfriend’s dick, and Arthur gently inserted her fat machine into her anus.
A minute later, they were already moving at one pace, it seemed that Anya was already in another world, her eyes were clouded and she was only making deaf moans.
We all sat

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on the floor and watched this wonderful show.
Anya huddled in orgasm, but no one was going to stop – Sasha naobarot pulled her closer to him and the men accelerated the pace and soon a minute of crazy crazy Anya two holes Artem finished the condom in her ass.
He walked off taking the prezik, and Sasha turned his girlfriend on his back and continued to work on her pussy, I moved closer and put my hands on his ass pushing him, he finished a few seconds later, a couple of times he moved the basin and subsided.
When he came out, I clung to Anya’s little bud.
Her pussy was very tasty and my eber’s sperm flowed into my mouth, I did not swallow a drop.
She rose to Anina’s face and the seed flowed from my mouth into hers.
We caressed and licked in our arms, our breasts and pussies rubbed about each other, she gently stroked my ass.
It is evident that she needed this tenderness after such a hard fucking.
I traveled to Nizhny Novgorod on a business trip with the head of my department.
We have partners there, it was necessary to settle some legal issues, but they rose up a little.
Therefore, lingered there.
For a couple of days they could not find a common language with their legal department.
Clinging to all sorts of squiggles.
On Friday, my boss dragged theirs to the sauna, she was downstairs in our hotel.
I was in my room, watching TV.
The chief called and began to urge me to go down to them, maybe I can persuade him in an informal setting.
I went down to them, they were already pinched, they took me champagne. Hidden camera tube sex.

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