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And at this very moment the thought dawns on me: but if I don’t dress today as usual, don’t dress myself in these classic forms, don’t emphasize elegance with expensive English fabric.
Having rolled up the sleeves by three quarters, I put on the floor massive boots on a high tread, and, tightly tied up with laces, went out into the yard.
Smell The warm spring air embraced me with its tender arms of light breeze.
I put on my sunglasses and, looking up, turned my gaze to the sun.
“How high it is,” I suddenly said.
Looking at the clock, I was horrified – it was already noon on the clock.
How long have I dressed and been preening.
Here it is an explanation of the eternal female tardiness.
I said a friendly greeting to my neighbors, walked through the courtyard and went out onto the avenue.
As always, the flow of cars, the flow of people.
Everyone is in a hurry, everyone is rushing somewhere.
Today I had nowhere to hurry, I thrust my hands into the pockets of tight-fitting jeans, slowly walked down the avenue.
Approaching the first intersection, I suddenly heard a charming aroma in the air.
He was both familiar and somehow uncharted.
I slowed down to catch the source of this mesmerizing smell.
After a moment, I realized from whom he came.
He was a tall, tall guy, of classic body build, in an ultra fashionable suit.
His curly dark hair swayed in the wind, whose mischievous streams entangled in their midst.

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Freshly shaved skin was tender and barely pink.
It was immediately obvious that he began to shave not early, and he had to do it only once every two weeks.
The smell of aftershave was not sweet, but rather it was just fresh with a little bit of bitterness.
It was this bitterness that gradually began to haunt me, the receptors of my nose sent small charges to my brain, which, in turn, transmitted impulses to my whole body.
The tips of my fingers were moist, my palm barely sweating.
I avidly dived into the

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air, trying to inhale its every volume that contained the smell of a guy.
There was something else in the smell that attracted me, some kind of secret ingredient that also didn’t leave my mind unattended.
But I could not distinguish it from the general range of flavor.
Another wind flowed, which for a moment carried away the smell of expensive perfumes, and I heard the note that pulled me.
It was the smell of a man, the smell of his skin and hair.
Perhaps it was just the smell of hormones, even so, but I know one thing, he drew me behind him, I wanted to close my eyes and throw myself into the abyss of sensations and passions, surrender to the power of that huge wave that covered my head.
At that moment it seemed to me that there was no one around us.
I felt a slight spasm in the lower abdomen, under the navel.
The blood began to pour all my body, burning it, pouring out a breast.
I no longer heard the rhythm of the heart, all my attention was focused on the color rays that emanated from the guy, each ray was carrying something special.
One carried a bewitching smell, the second – a note of a barely audible fascinating melody, the third – the warmth of touching my excited body.
It was like a dream.
“Why do dreams end?” – I thought with annoyance when the crowd, waiting for a green traffic light signal, moved to the other side of the street. Hamster sex live.

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