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Italians looked at her without stopping.
The backside is cool, covered with a black little dress in the style of Chanel.
One step before the trash can, Zoya staggered and dropped the cork.
On straight, slightly divorced legs, she bent over and, with a delay slightly more than needed, took the cork.
The Italians sat with their mouths open.
We saw everything we wanted to see.
I wound up myself.
Zoya went to the bathroom without looking back.
The Italians looked at me.
I shrugged.
-What can I say.
She is gorgeous.
I wonder what she hints at us.
From the bathroom I heard the sound of water.
Zoe left after 15 minutes.
She was wearing a white terry robe.
She did not bother to smell it.
So when she went to the bedroom, the robe slightly swinging open showed us black stockings with garters on a lace belt. Game sex and the city online.

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