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she just licks her lips.
Lena starts moaning louder.
she moves towards Slavin language.
The face of Glory is simply imprinted in her pussy.
Lena puts her fingers on the pubis and spreads her pussy for Glory.
she watches him suck her clit.
a little bit more.
– she whispers.
Her eyes are half open.
eyebrows raised, painful expression on her face, it is clear that she is experiencing great pleasure.
Lena unexpectedly jerks her ass and hand presses the head of glory to herself.
She cries.
Dima’s wife finished.
Glory is removed from her.
Lena lifts, covers her face with her hands.
oh god what we do
– her breathing is gradually restored.
“Phew,” she breathes noisily.
– but it was cool – trying not to meet anyone’s eyes, she says.
All a little come to life from just what he saw.
Dima hugs his wife and kisses her on the cheek.
she looks at him guiltily.
as if apologizing for the pleasure.
everything is fine, – says Dima.
Slava sits down to his wife. Alla looks at him with jealousy, but at the same time with interest.
Slava has red wet lips.
he wipes them with a napkin.
I fill all the glasses.
it is necessary to take a breath before the next horse, the border is passed and now no one stops.
Distribute cards again.
loses my wife.
she has the least amount of cards.
she sighs, takes a sip of wine and draws a card from another deck.
her eyes are rounded off from reading.
well no.
this is too much.
Let’s read it out loud, – smiling, says Slava.
Yes Yes Yes.
– Lenka picks up.
Olga, in my opinion, obviously did not want to do it.
but she does not find a reason for refusal, of course, here it happened to be given to two men at the same time on the table with her husband.

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She reads.

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I did not expect this.
Who is the idea? I look at the map and I understand that the handwriting of that woman means Lena or Alla.
You never know what to expect from girlfriends.
maybe one of the girls himself wanted to pull out this card.
yes nothing to do.
the game is a game let and.
as crazy as today.
Honestly, we had such a fantasy to arrange a threesome with another man, but it didn’t go any further than other imagination games.
and here I am assigned the role of an outsider at all.
and in fact he himself proposed such a game.
why really regret.
let’s see how it looks.
so now Dima and Slavik fuck my wife.
I feel that the member was again closely in the pants.
our friends are silent, there is an oppressive silence at the table.
everyone is waiting for what Olga will do.
Olga gets up and, embarrassed, unbuttons her pants.
she is all crimson already toli with shame, toli from drunk today.
all sitting around do not take her eyes off her.
with trembling hands, she lowers her pants down.
everyone can see her black panties through the laces which shine through her pubis covered with short hair that has not yet grown back after the last shave.
so what did you stop? – I encourage her, – come on, since I lost.
Olga looks at me with a plaintive look.
she is wildly embarrassed and uncomfortable.
but at the same time this situation is exciting.
she pushes her hands under the gum and lowers her panties down.
now she stands in front of everyone with bare cunt.
her panties and pants were left in the middle of her plump thighs, which only underlines her nudity.
I notice that everyone is already excited to the limit.
Olga leans down and humbly lie down on the table.
wonderful position.
her head is directly in front of Dmitry.
A thought knocks in my head – “my wife is being fucked right in front of my eyes” – a feeling of wild excitement overwhelms me.
a mixture of some aching jealousy and at the same time a desire to see how a foreign member enters it.
Dima gets up from the chair and unbuckles his pants.
from there comes already excited cock.
Lena is sitting next to me and looking with all her eyes at the standing, red member of her husband’s puffed veins, which is located directly opposite my wife’s face. Free spy cam sex videos.

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