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I was in no hurry and, as if thinking about the questions, deliberately did intervals between questions of different time intervals, so that he could not adapt himself to the slaps.
– Do you like what is happening? – Yes, Master.
– Why? – It excites me that you humiliate me and hurt me, Master.
– Have you tried such things with anyone else? – Only in dreams, Master.
– Was there sex with a man? – Never, Master.

After each blow, the slave shuddered with his whole body and tried to fidget in order to soothe the pain.
Each time the answers were given to him all the more difficult, but he said them louder and louder, and by the end of the execution he was already shouting words through his clenched teeth.
The ass by that time was all in strips, and in places of their crossing the strips swelled in bright red.
Having admired the resulting picture, I realized that from the excitement of that and look to finish in his pants.
– For good behavior, I think I will allow you to taste my sperm! – with these words, I put the belt aside, approached Sergey in front and, unbuttoning my fly, finally released my penis.

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The slave, who until this moment had leaned with his chest on the seat of the chair, had to break away from the support and reach out to my wet and bardovoy head from arousal in a very uncomfortable position, unable to help myself with my hands.
He tried very hard to please and gently clasping his head with his lips began to process it with his tongue, but his back was trembling from the strain and he could not keep his body in a horizontal position.
– Yes, you even can not suck normally! You just have to fuck you in your mouth, since you’re even a stumbler like a jerk! I took him by the ears and proceeded to systematically drive my dick full-length into an obligingly substituted mouth, slapping eggs on the chin.
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