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It can not be! I am a faithful wife and mother of a wonderful child, like a limp doll on her knees and quietly allowing me to fuck my mouth.
As a podzabornaya fucking! Silently
I was used as a thing to satisfy my animal lust.
I hated myself.
But at the same time, it was clear to me that my mouth is the only salvation of our family.
And I obediently stood with my mouth open, and a member was managing in my mouth.
The chief, meanwhile, strove to crawl into my throat.
From this, I began to flow tears, drool and snot.
The gag reflex also made itself felt.
I began to recover a little and return to reality.
At some point, the movements of the chief became sharper and stronger.
Then he forcefully drove his penis into my throat and froze.
I tried to pull away, but the boss held my head tightly.
After a split second, the cock in my throat twitched.
Sperm dripped down her throat.
This caused nausea.
I coughed, and I vomited sperm and the contents of my stomach.
I swallowed the air like a fish.
The toilet has wet wipes.
Take and dry me a dick.
I silently got up and went to the chief’s private toilet.
When he returned with napkins, he was already sitting in a chair with his pants down.
I went over and silently wiped his dick.
Only now I drew attention to the dignity of my boss.
His penis was rather long, of medium thickness.
The pubis is neatly trimmed and the eggs are shaved.
I gently wiped his penis and shaved eggs.
And you quickly grab! – the chief said, when I started to wipe his balls, – For how long did you get a loan? For two years.
You and I have time to achieve professional skills in your new position.
What position? Your new post is a nipple.
I don’t need regular sex from you.
I need only your beautiful mouth.

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I have long wanted to print it.
Yes, I have long dreamed of fucking you in your mouth.
As soon as I saw your plump lips, he immediately wanted to spend on them a member.
Take a rag and remove your vomit.
For today I forgive you for her.
In the future, I will be fined for vomiting.
For awesome suction award.
So you have something to strive for.
I went for a rag and washed the floor.
Coming out of the office, I immediately went to the toilet.
I was ready to fall through the floor with shame – I had the impression that all the staff were looking at me and knowing what I was doing in the office of my boss.
In the toilet I, first of all, looked at myself in the mirror.
god !!! My lips, already plump, swollen even more.
As if I had plastic surgery.
Horrible! The staff really looked at me and, most likely, they guessed about the origin of the swelling.
I burst into tears.
I was very sad and hurt.
It’s a shame that I could not refuse.
And it hurts because I was used as a prostitute.
I decided to quit tomorrow.
At home, I moved away a bit.
The husband has not come from the search for work.
I fed my son and thought about how I would tell my husband about my dismissal, how we would live on.
? The husband came late.
He had no comforting news.
He said that it is not necessary to lose heart, that everything will be fine, that we will stand.
Then he hugged me and started kissing me on the lips.
it would be better if he did not do it – I immediately remembered how I was raped today in the mouth by the boss.
Tears flowed from his eyes.
Husband noticed.
Began to calm.
If he knew the real reason for these tears.
My husband kissed me, and before my eyes stood a member of my boss, his balls.
I remembered the jolts of the penis in the throat and the taste of sperm.
I was disgusted.
But at that very moment I realized that I had no choice and the member of the chief was a wand magic wand.
I felt sorry for my husband, but I removed him from myself and silently went to bed.
Tomorrow I had to get up early for work.
And I must look sexy.
The chief kept his word.
He promoted me and added me a salary.
I, almost every day, came to the chief and did my job.
He loved me to suck him at the end of the day.
Basically, my duties began with the fact that I licked his sweaty eggs at the beginning.
He liked it very much.
He said: “Well, what, papilla! Go, give me your tongue. ”
After “washing away”, I proceeded to “sperm suction”.
The chief often used similar expressions – pump out the sperm from me, suck my juice, let me down, pour it into the canister. Free online sex girls.

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