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Finally, I realized that Victor would not call, so he turned off the TV, which had previously tried to watch and got into bed.
The sleep did not go, and I lay there, and stared blankly at the ceiling, the clock squeaked, measuring it, midnight and then the doorbell rang, which made me jump on the bed.
I rubbed my eyes and stomped to the door.
He glanced through the peephole and was stunned, Victor stood outside the door.
I immediately opened and missed it to the apartment.
– Hello, Andre, did not wait? Victor was drunk, but it did not bother me.
“I waited for you all these days,” I whispered, “so hoped: Victor did not let me finish, he gave me a strong and imperious hug and bit into the lips, sore alcohol from him, but for some reason this turned on, I hugged him around the waist and surrendered to the mercy of his kisses.
And he kissed demanding and hard, his hand crawled down to the underpants and without hesitation dived under the gum.
Everything inside me fluttered when the cool fingers of his hand touched my cock and squeezed roughly.
– Let’s go! – Victor ordered, stopping kisses, and led me into the room, not letting go of the member.
I dutifully spanked for him and melted because he was so rude to me, unlike Eric, Victor had complete power over me.
– Take it off! – Victor grimaced, as if my pants were some kind of terrible filth, he let go of my dick, which upset me.
I obeyed and immediately threw off the bottoms, remaining completely naked in front of my sovereign.
Victor sat down in a chair and with a squint looked at my body, it made me shudder with his gaze, but at the same time I wanted to scream with joy.

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“You are beautiful, Andre, I didn’t even notice how beautiful you are:” Victor breathed out and unzipped his pants on his jeans.
– Go here! I obeyed.
He went to the chair and knelt, immediately realizing what Victor wanted from me.
I took his dick in his mouth, carefully, fearing even a little touch with his teeth and deliver discomfort to his master.
And he leaned back and got ready to receive pleasure.
He let me down, but I wanted exactly this, and I was ready for that.
When Victor finished, he simply shoved me away and ordered me to bring me a drink. There was no talk of my satisfaction at all.
I was a little disappointed, but did not show it.
After drinking, Victor left, without even kissing me goodbye.
I went to bed, but could not sleep, remembering the visit of Victor, I tried to masturbate, but nothing happened, I did not feel any pleasant emotions, but I couldn’t imagine something else, because the reality was very prosaic and even unpleasant.
The week went routinely and wistfully, I almost did not see Victor, and again my feelings for him flared up and turned into fire, I was ready even for such a visit, if only he would come, but the weekend was over, but Victor did not appear.
The next week was just awful, I did not find a place for myself, seeing my beloved in the corridors, but once at a meeting.
On Friday, he unexpectedly called me over.
– Come on, Andre, sit down! – Victor was

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sitting on the windowsill and smiling, he was glad to see me.
I went and sat on the edge of the chair.
– Are you dissatisfied with something, Victor? – I asked the boss, internally straining, because just so he would not have called me.
– No, I wanted to see you: From these words, I almost fainted, Victor wanted to see me.
– How are you doing, how do you feel? – asked the boss.
“Everything is fine with me, but,” I said, watching how Victor gets up from the window sill, closes the office door with a key and heads for me, “I missed you very much.”
– I also really missed you.
– Victor squatted on his heels near my chair and looked into my eyes, and then he kissed me on the lips and this kiss was tender and sensual. Flirt 888 sex live 138.

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