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Alina lifted up her already not very long skirt in front of Jacob and showed her beautiful, slender leg she’s bandaged.
– So what is this girlish striptease? – Yakov asked quietly and calmly.
Alina removed the bandages, and Yakov saw a triple deep wound ripped on her leg.
Wound from someone’s claws.
There was no blood, but the torn inner flesh of the girl’s wounded leg, unknown to some predatory animal, was clearly visible.
– What is it? – he asked her – What do you show it to me? – I just want to get answers to my questions – Alina answered him.
And she told Jacob everything in detail.
Is that just crumpled, somehow out of shame, probably told about her close relationship with Eloim.
Jacob listened, not looking up Alinin’s story in detail.
He was shocked by the events that occurred with Alina in that story.
Everything agreed with his observations and those that he himself had seen.
He himself was terribly interested from the scientific and mystical side of this business.
Sorry for Shurik not there, and he somewhere prostrate from Saturday to Sunday.
And today it is not, and does not call.
He promised to learn everything about this Eloim, about whom Alina, who came to him, speaks to him.
As well as the one who died here in his studio Margarita Lvovna.
He could not understand, just what could be in common with the old woman and this young schoolgirl girl.
He simply could not understand the difference with which space and time are measured between worlds.
But this Elohim was noted both then and now. Desi sex video online play.

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