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And he suddenly began to cry and tears, his large and transparent tears rolled down his cheeks, and for these tears I would endure everything so that he would not do now with me.
– Thank you dear! – He whispered and drank vodka from his glass, which he had previously set aside from himself.
– Okay, let’s go to sleep, the morning is wiser than the evening.
He stayed with me, and we spent a wonderful week together.
I cooked for him, cleaned him, looked after him like a child, and he gave me hours of unearthly bliss, and it was the most exciting week.
And there was a two-week vacation ahead, and we decided where to go.
Suddenly, the call to Victor’s cell phone was crossed out, Christine called, and my beloved went to her, and I was left with a sharp needle of jealousy in my heart.
I rushed around the empty apartment, growled and didn’t know where to go, then I sat on the bed, inhaling the smell that remained of it and pumping myself with vodka.
And then I opened the window and wanted to throw myself out, but the fresh spring wind brought me to a little sense, and I sat all night on the windowsill, looking into the night, starry sky.
When dawn broke, I decided that I

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should forget Victor, let him live his life, and I would live my own.
“Enough, this idiotic passion needs to be plucked from your heart!” – I said to myself, took a vacation and went to Eric.
Eric accepted me unconditionally, but I refused him affection, saying that I came to him as a friend, and not as a lover.

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Eric understood everything, he always understood me.
We talked about everything in the world, went for a walk, swam in the lake and with no gesture, not a single word did Erik reproach me and did not ask any extra questions, for which I was sincerely grateful.
Two days passed in absolute peace, and only at night I was chased by Victor, he dreamed of me as either affectionate, sometimes cruel, then yelled at me, then spoke softly and deceitfully, in dreams I strove to my beloved with all my soul, in the afternoon I wanted to forget him forever .
On the morning of the third day my cell phone demanded attention, I saw with anxiety in my heart that Victor was calling.
– Well, where are you? – in his voice was only steel.
– Hello, Victor! – I tried to calm down the excitement and speak as calmly as possible, I imagined our future conversation many times, thoroughly thinking through my phrases, like what I would say, ending our relationship with Victor, but the bell caught me by surprise and I immediately forgot everything.
– I think I asked you a question! – all the same metal in the voice, I trembled with my whole body, because I knew well that my master had a similar tone in moments of cruel malice.
– Victor, I: – you need to quickly think of what to say, – I’m with my parents, I had to see them.
– True? – the voice became a little softer, and I finally took a breath, before that I was afraid to even breathe.
“It is good that you are with your parents now, otherwise I thought that now you are at Eric in the backyard of his house you are cooling off.”
I turned pale, Victor knew that I was with Eric, moreover, he is now somewhere close and sees me.
“Tell me, Andre,” continued Victor, “do you have a twin brother, or do you hold me for such an impassable sucker?”
I looked around, searching his eyes.
– Look, turned like a flea on a comb, what a fag, scary? Victor’s voice became hilarious, and that made me completely unsettled.
I almost fell on the lawn, so my legs trembled strongly, instantly becoming wadded and disobedient. Channel sex live.

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