Camshaft synchronizer assembly.

Camshaft synchronizer assembly.
I did not understand and looked at her in surprise.
Then she smiled sadly and explained: – He wants to sleep with you.
Hence your premium.
We all went through that.
He slept with everyone here.
With others – several times.
It is determined very simply.
By a big award before and a big award after.
Yes, and then found out in conversations anyway.
In the team, we all know each other well, secrets do not last long.
So it would be better for you to leave us and leave the city altogether.
So that’s what’s the matter! But where to go? There is only one organization in the city according to my diploma profile.
And what about the fact that I have a distribution here? But maybe this is purely female gossip around the director? Maybe they just avenge him this way for his excessive demands? I actually thought so.
The appearance of a good specialist puts other female employees of the organization in a difficult position.
The director will probably start demanding more from them, citing me as an example.
It is really easier for them to talk about him, push me to care and thus protect myself.
In short, I did not believe that the director was a womanizer.
But after some time, another employee came to me and said that I did not understand anything in some respects within the team.
I looked at her in surprise and caution, then asked: “What should I understand?” – Well, if you’re still a girl, then really, it’s hard for you to understand.

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What if.
– She significantly silenced.
But I understood what she meant, said: – No, I am no longer a girl.
True, THIS I had only once and by chance.
It happened.
– So, it will be the second time.
With our director.
He always wants his.
– But.
– No “but.”
First, a big bonus.
If you don’t give up yourself, it starts to break with nagging at work, reprimands and demotion.
If you again stubbornly, then blame yourself – after three reprimands in a row, you have the right to dismiss.
With others he did.
– But I do not notice.
– He never shows any signs on the part of courtship.
It’s all easier for him – once invites into his car, supposedly a trip on official business.

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know, there are areas of the organization outside the city.
Carries out of town, stops somewhere in the forest and asks a direct question.
And then on the circumstances.
If you do not agree, the force does not take.
But then you get into trouble at work.
A month or two later, the same question is face to face in his office.
Here you will think about what you have in front of – to lose a good job or to stay with this job, but to instruct the husband in the horns and sleep with the director.
So, since you are not a girl, you no longer have any reason to observe TAM yourself.
Sleep with him, there will not be erased.
I seriously thought about the secret team revealed to me.
A few days went in thought, and then waved her hand and relied on her luck.
Well, he will have me.
So what? And nothing! There really will not be erased.
Yes, and nothing to lose – I’m not a girl.
Of course, it’s unpleasant that a womanizer will climb on you.
But what to do? Such is the female share – if not with one, so with another.
Having bought a contraceptive pill with a monthly cycle at a pharmacy, I began to take it daily in preparation for the upcoming event. Camshaft synchronizer assembly.

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