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Olga left the slave, kicking her foot.
– Stand up, take me to the dining room, today you will be my horse.
Olga went to the dining room on a slave, where breakfast was already laid.
At breakfast, she was served by two slaves, and one slave was under the table and while the Mistress had breakfast, she licked her pussy.

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After breakfast, Olga sat on her horse, and the slave took her to the room.
Slaves helped the Lady to dress.
She ordered to put on a strict business suit from Valentino.
He was very stylish and chic, Olga bought it in one of the Moscow boutiques quite by accident, it was an exhibition option and ideally came up to Olga when she tried on it, despite the fact that it cost fabulous money, she bought it without hesitation.
Before she left the house, Olga called the secretary and ordered her to ring up and tell the department heads that today they all need to come to the meeting, no matter who is on vacation, business trip or sick leave.
Unless, of course, the man was near Moscow.
She told Lena on her arrival at the office to report when, to whom and how much she transmitted the information.
Leaving the house, Olga decided to call in a beauty salon, which she visited to constantly do her hair and make-up in order to look her best.
She had her own master, who knew that Olga needed and always created her image very professionally.
For parties, she offered one image, for business negotiations – another, and so on.

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This time, she made Olga the image of a real businesswoman, she did the styling and make-up, which was combined with her costume, the manicure was also applied to the color of the costume.
Olga was a pretty girl, but when she came out of the salon, looking at her, it was possible to think that she was a super model, everything was in perfect harmony.
By the appointed time she arrived at the office.
All were in her office and waited for her.
Before entering her office, she asked the secretary who had arrived.
Lena said that basically all profits, there is no CEO of one of the firms in the concern, since he is on vacation abroad.
And the head of the technology department did not come, he is in the hospital, he had a stroke, and his doctors are not letting him go anywhere from the hospital.
Olga was pleased with the report of the secretary, patting her cheek, she said: – You come to me after the meeting.
She entered the office, everyone stood up in greeting.
Olga’s appearance had a stunning effect on everyone present.
A quiet rustle of voices passed through the office in a wave.
No one has ever seen such a beautiful and stylish Olga.
Olga saw how furious she was and she triumphed in her heart that she was able to make a strong impression on everyone.
-God, good afternoon, I apologize for having distracted you from work, I gathered you today on a very important occasion.
From today, the sovereign owner of our company, I am.
Ekaterina Alekseevna gave me the reins of power earlier, and now she has completely sold the concern to me and has appointed her receiver.
She herself was a little unwell and could not come today, but it does not matter.
I am afraid that none of you will see her anymore, as she wants to leave for permanent residence abroad.
Sorry, I was distracted.
The change of owner, especially will not change anything, the salary will remain the same, will not be lower, if only I will raise, over time, but I will do some personnel changes.
It will be about a week, about all the estates, I will inform you.
Anyone have any questions.
While working, as always in normal mode. Cams trans.

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