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Ass nicely ached, in the head was ringing.
Ringing Called – the phone was torn on the table! I reached for the pipe and breathing hoarsely, said: – Lab – – What are you doing? – I heard the frightened voice of Natasha.
– Nothing, asleep – I croaked.
– Aah – she incredulously stretched – Did you have an erotic dream? And then you breathe as if you are fucking there! The operation is over, come to take tests – – I will come now – coming to my senses, I replied.
Andrew carefully took out his penis, I straightened, tore off a piece of bandage, wiped my ass, put on my bra and panties, put on a white robe, looked in the mirror and went to the surgical department.
When I got there, Natashka carefully examined me.
I, with an independent air, knowing that everything was red, passed by her, took blood from the patient and went back to the laboratory.
While I was doing the analysis, Andrew wiped his penis from Vaseline and frowned with displeasure.
I gave the results of the analysis to the called-up results, put the used test tubes in the washing room, closed the laboratory door, took my son by the arm, and we went out into the street.
It was a dark summer seaside night.
No air movement.
Bright southern stars in the black sky flickered silently.
From the laboratory to our entrance exactly – kilometer.
We walked slowly, passing in the dark past the dark buildings of the House of Officers, the school, the sports ground, and the residential five-story building. Cam2cam sex video.

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