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It wasn’t all that easy! Twenty minutes, if not more, they, exhausted from desire, unsuccessfully tried to insert each other into the anus – in the point.
As soon as Arkhip, having attached himself to the back of the Cormorant

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, due to the absence of any experience in making anal contact, he firmly pressed the head of the petrified member into pressure on the tightly squeezed hole of the entrance, like Cormorant, involuntarily shouting in pain, immediately rushed forward, – the first pancake turned out to be lump
– What are you fucking.
why are you twitching? – Arkhip, not understanding what was the matter, pulled the hips of the Cormorant back, returning them to the starting position.
– Stop, fucking sanyochek.
don’t twitch – Painfully! – the Cormorant exhaled in monosyllables, he did not expect it to be that way.
– Hoole hurt there! – impatiently whispered Archip, just as impatiently attaching himself to Baklan again – directing the member to the pristinely compressed entrance.
– Come on.
But the second attempt, and the third, and even the fourth attempt were not crowned with success, – all the pancakes were clods.
discouraged by failure, Archip took the place of Cormorant – in the same way he became a cancer, substituting his point.
and – in the same way he jerked, swiftly dodging pain, as soon as Cormorant tried to insert his dick into his point, – though Corlan’s member was smaller, but firstly, it was smaller by a little bit, and secondly, the size the member in this case did not play any role: with the pressure of the head of the member attached to the point, the point did not stretch, did not unclench, but, on the contrary, it seemed to close, squeeze and compress even more.
Twenty minutes, if not more, they, changing places, tried to insert each other in the ass, but it was all to no avail – all their attempts were in vain.

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– Well.
And now what i can do? – confused said Cormorant, looking inquiringly at Arkhip.
– No fucking work.
“Lubrication is needed,” Arkhip said laconically, feverishly wondering where to get this lubricant.
– Vaseline, fucking, need! – excitedly said Cormorant, just as with the expression “become cancer”, same-sex anal sex in Cormorant was strongly associated with the word “petroleum jelly” – I heard Cormorant about petroleum jelly as a means of facilitating the penetration of a member in the ass, repeatedly, and always by such penetration was meant penetration in the ass male.
and how could he now forget about it – do not guess himself? – Where can I get it? – Cormorant hopefully stared at Arkhip.
– And dick knows it.
where will you get it now? – Arkhip responded, continuing feverishly to think that it can be used as a lubricant.
Probably, it would be possible to use butter instead of vaseline – the bread cutter was Arkhip a countryman and certainly would not refuse a piece of butter, but now it was night, and there could be no talk of any dining room.
or surely it would be possible to smear the heads of the members with fat that was in the canned stew, but the beef — melting in the mouth pieces of beef — Andryukha and Sanya ate with nothing to do between breakfast and lunch, and the bank was thrown away as unnecessary evidence.
Suddenly, Arkhip had the idea that Zajc’s sperm could be used as a lubricant.
Well, that is, to force Hare to jerk off – to use the salabon as a creamery, but this idea seemed to Aripip of little realizability – not that it was impossible at all, but some cumbersome, requiring additional efforts.
and then: it is not yet known how long this sperm will be at the Hare: maybe the salabon gives himself away quietly every day, finding safer situations for such a pleasant affair than today.
I wanted to get the buzz as soon as possible – my whole body was buzzing with sweet excitement, and Arkhip, who already understood that there was little hope for the Cormorant, feverishly thought and thought himself that now could be used instead of Vaseline, – Cormorant, in turn, also realized that Arhip in terms of sex is more intelligent, involuntarily squeezing his pinched cock with his fingers – Cormorant looked inquiringly at Arkhip, believing and expecting that Arhip would come up with something.
necessarily come up with – can not think of! And Arkhip – invented, realized.
it is known that there are no hopeless situations, – Arkhip, thirsting for a high, found a solution for a problem that suddenly arose! Slamming Cormorant on the knee, Arkhip looked at Cormorant in an instant with lightened – again gleaming – eyes: – Sanya, fuck! Best sex cam sites.

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