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However, it can be said about the whole appearance of girls.
At the same time, only they themselves could see this beauty – thanks to their strict upbringing, they were very modest, and not a single man had yet been blessed with the contemplation of their nudity.
Both girls had boyfriends, but it didn’t go further than innocent kisses (namely, innocent, without breaking hands).
Now the reader can imagine how the angels had to face a cruel reality and the Law.
The next morning, having a quick breakfast, the girls ran away on business.
Lena, late, at the exit from the house immediately caught a taxi.
I had to go for about 20 minutes, and all this time the taxi driver was carrying some sort of nonsense, that supposedly he had to dress properly and there was no need to risk it (Lena was wearing a T-shirt and jeans).

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Busy with pleasant memories of vacation, Lena practically did not listen to him.
She stopped a taxi at the store, in two houses from the entrance to the office – she had to buy coffee and sugar.
However, she did not even have time to take a step from the car, as a police patrol called her.
Girl, what do you want, an order of the president to the lantern? – the conversation began with a strange phrase: the eldest of the two patrolmen.
What order? – puzzled asked Lena.
You want to say that you do not know anything about the Law? He acts almost a month! I was not in the country, I really didn’t know, ”answered Lena, feeling an unpleasant chill in her back.
This to some extent excuses you, but ignorance of the law does not absolve you from responsibility.
Here it is, – the lieutenant handed a laminated sheet of paper to Lena.

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Lena began to read, and as she read it more and more punched cold sweat.
After reading the first 4 lines, she asked: Is this a “Rally” program? No, girl, everything is as serious as ever.
I do not have time for educational program.
In short, you are not dressed in uniform.
What means out of shape? – Lena was outraged.
She wanted to say something else, but the officer stopped her with a hand gesture.
I will demonstrate everything to you now, and we will stop this unnecessary discussion.
He glanced at the crowd passing by and deftly caught a young blonde by her elbow trying to slip past unnoticed.
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