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It was a bit puzzled and upset to my men, I whispered to them that they needed to get to know each other on the beach, and then you could meet in the evening and at night.
When we parted with our guides and came home, the men immediately fell down on the bed and started snoring with fatigue, but I went out into the courtyard to breathe this incomparable southern sea air.
Cicadas buzzed in the grass, moths curled under a canopy.
There was no one in the yard, the lights were on at the neighbors, everything was neatly tidied on the table, the food was put in the fridge.
I took a sip of mineral water and decided to cast on a dream coming.
Next to the toilet was the smallest of all the houses, and as I understood it, it was not inhabited, the light in it was not burning.
I settled in need and was about to go to sleep, as from behind the doors of an unpopulated house there was a rustle and some noise, I leaned against the house and listened.
I could hear the muffled voices of Irisha and the neighbor boy, they spoke excitedly. Amateur sex online.

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