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– What is “oh”? Can not? Scared? – No, no, nothing.
It’s okay
I will come.
To your home? “I suppose you have filming,” he thought gloomily, “wait for nothing.”
– Yes.

Come straight from the morning before class.
And now.
Viktor Yevgenich took a deep breath – and began the lesson, trying with all his might not to think about what will happen tomorrow morning.
– Iduuuu! He screamed, spitting foam.
He brushed his teeth for the third time in an hour.
– Go! Hi, Karin.
Wow! For the first time in his life, he saw her in a tight-fitting dress.
Almost in the tone of his picture.
– Hello, Victor Evgenich! – You look spectacular.
More than.
Come on in.
Karina walked into the room, keeping an indescribable half smile on her face.
– Feed you? Drink tea? Not hungry? Then immediately begin, while the sun spoils us.
He spoke to her in a familiar tone, not knowing how to change to a different tone, and whether it was necessary.
– Victor, and you can.
– What? – See? On her? – By yourself, do you want to say? – He climbed behind the picture.
– This is you.

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the most genuine and true.
On, admire! Karina stepped back.
Her face changed, and Victor Evgenich experienced a minute of the most vain happiness in his life.
In the frame she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and in the picture she was stretching her hands towards the sky.
Her body, turned in half a turn towards the viewer, was arched by a magnificent bend, caught so precisely that it seemed that a sigh would fly off the canvas.
Instead of a bed under it, there was a cloud of flickering glare, on top of it was enveloped a cherry-scarlet background with a golden glow, highlighting an oval halo in her hair.
There was a half-smile on her face – the one that beat with an invisible current even from the canvas.
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