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Webcam hairy orgasm.
I had to close her mouth with my palm.
“Yes! Yes! Ebi me! I finish! More, more! ”She moaned.
Her body convulsed in an orgasm.
I was not enough.
I wanted more.
I looked at Tanya: she laid her breasts on the sink and spread her legs wide.
Her body trembled slightly from the experience of pleasure.
Thoughtfully, I ran my fingers over her wet pussy, thrust them alternately inwards, then tickled the star of her anus with my index finger and slowly brought him inside.
“Well, what are you doing?”, Tanya was embarrassed, spreading her legs even more widely and putting out her ass.
In her zadika at that time were already two of my fingers.
“Well, okay … no need,” said Tanya, playfully wagging her ass.
I was excited to the limit.
My eyes clouded over, I was ready to rape this lustful little girl.
Having issued a quiet throat roar, I took my fingers out of her zadik and thrust my dick into it.
“Are you in the ass decided to fuck me?”, Tatiana guessed.
“Don’t, it hurts me … please!”
But I did not hear anything and did not understand.
My cock went deeper into it.
I watched her ass slowly let in my swollen and petrified trunk.
Somewhere at the limit of consciousness, I heard the stifled moans of Tanya.
She tried to break free, but I held her tightly while continuing to rape her virgin ass.

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For me, the moments passed, for her, probably, an eternity, when I shot a hot stream of sperm in her ass.
With a moan of relief, she lay down again on the sink.
I watched as the hole of her anus slowly compressed, as a few drops of sperm flowed out of it and entangled in the hair of her pussy.
Finally, Tanya came to her senses: “Kiss me … you do it so nicely …”, she asked.
I did not keep myself waiting.

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stopped kissing only in the subway on the way home.
In the following days, Tanya No. 1, in view of the increase, could not devote much of our usual entertainment, maximum — she managed to work during the day with her pretty mouth.
I must say that she sucked great and always tried to swallow my sperm down to the drop.
But Tanya number 2, becoming the mistress of the famous reception table, now used it with me as intended almost every evening.
After the third or fourth time, her ass finally got used to anal sex and let my cock inside her unhindered.
Tanya even more than usual sex like when I fuck her in the ass and at the same time caress the clitoris.
Weeks after three, we celebrated the end of the probationary period of one of our employees, Marina, a rather tall pretty girl, who possessed simply pornographic forms: breasts of the fourth size, long legs, narrow waist, delicious ass.
The only problem: as usual with blue-eyed blondes, is silly.
And, surprisingly, loved to drink.
Vodka saw – one sight.
In short, everyone was already well drunk, a disco, as usual, arranged.
I was talking about something with Marinka.
Either about the philosophy of the Renaissance, or about the influence of idiosyncrasy on our lives.
Well, finally losing the brakes, in the style of Lieutenant Rzhevsky, said to her: “Marin, let’s fuck!”.
“Hmm … Come on!” Marina answered playfully.
I dragged her to the chosen reception room. Webcam hairy orgasm.

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