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Webcam boobs hd. I lowered my face to her gentle, smoothly shaved pussy and breathed her scent.
She smelled like a mixture of soap, scented with some flowers, and her own discharge.
Unable to restrain myself, I ran my tongue over her lips.
Vera groaned languidly, and I, not controlling myself, began to caress her girl tongue, penetrating deeper and deeper into her.
Vera began to squirm beneath me, she obviously liked it.
I continued to give her pleasure.

Suddenly, abruptly stopping, I looked Vera in the eye.
I saw a wild, animal passion.
I did not have time to say anything.
Vera whispered: – Take me.
I did not keep myself waiting.
Sitting between her legs, I put the head of his excited and ready to explode member to her delicate girl.
Vera twisted her hips, making it clear that it’s time to start.
I smiled and abruptly entered it.
Vera leaned back, and I began to take her.
My tremors were getting stronger.
I scoffed at her, changing the amplitude and depth.
Vera moaned, scratching my back, whispering in my ear a set of completely different phrases: from the gentle and languid “I love you” to the sharp and sudden “Deeper”.

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I seem furious.
I tried to go deeper and deeper, feeling Vera wriggling beneath me.
It lasted, it seems, for ages.
Until finally, I did not feel how the muscles of Vera’s vagina began to contract convulsively.
She sharply opened her eyes, threw her head back and, suddenly, went limp.
Her hands opened, and she relaxed and lay back on the bed, breathing often.
I stayed in it, realizing that I had not finished yet and my dick was still excited.
After waiting a bit and giving her a break, I began to carefully take it again.
She opened her eyes and beckoned me to her fingers.
I approached her, she wrapped her legs around me, arms around my neck, and our night continued.
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