We live together lesbian.

We live together lesbian.
Ghon then began programming the parasite to change her body.

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Too effective was the power of sexual desire between individuals of this species to allow it to flow away just like that.
In his plans, the female should have been the subject of sexual desire, a sex machine, with which he would explore this world for at least the next few weeks, collect samples, maybe even subdue other people.
Therefore, he did not spare the whole hour of his time to thoroughly reprogram the creature inside it.
And the female, meanwhile, apparently out of boredom, so excited herself with movements on his “stalk”, that by the end of this hour she had already gripped her nails again and, emitting her pectoral passionate moans, in a frantic rhythm shook her hips.
Ghon decided not to chop off her pleasure and allowed her to get to the very peak of pleasure, cling to his “leaves” again with his hands and weakened to fall on the soft silk of the sheet.
Tomorrow a new day and new impressions awaited them.
(The author is forced to warn: in the process of writing this part has grown too much, and I decided to split it into two or three parts.
In the first part, the erotic scene is only one and at the very beginning).
After a crazy night, her body was still obedient, and Alexis entered the shower stall, slightly hovering and leaning on Emily’s shoulder, however, the Chinese woman’s help was more symbolic, because she could hardly support even a very large Alexis.

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Without closing the door, Alexis turned on the cold water and first flinched under the icy streams and then she set her body to them, giving in to them and feeling how they were driving away fatigue.
– Help is not needed? – just in case reminded of herself still standing outside the booth Emily.
– Mmmm.
– stretched Alexis, basking under the refreshing jets.
“Yes, rub me back, please,” she glanced over her shoulder at the younger girl and smiled at her.
Emily doubted for a second or two, but then, as she was, in her bra with panties, which she managed to put on, stepped through the open door of the booth, first jerking off her foot, stepping into cold water, but then finding a bottle of liquid soap and starting to squeeze its contents onto washcloth.
Alexis turned back to the wall, hiding a smile and putting Emily’s back in, and soon she felt the younger girl wash her back with shy touches of a washcloth.
First, just below the shoulder blades, then the scourer went down to the waist – Alexis broke down, waiting for her ass to touch, but instead, Emily’s hands rose higher to her shoulders.
“Down there, too,” Alexis reminded, and Emily, flushing a little, began to gently wash her elastic ass.
She tried not to use a washcloth in the hollow between the buttocks and, all the more, not to touch Alexis’ pussy, but the older girl herself, who hadn’t been sure yet if she wanted to start the morning with sex, only turned out to be stronger.
“Now in front,” she said, turning to Emily and looking at her slightly reddened face with a sly smile.
Taking a bottle of shampoo, Alexis began to soap her hair, demonstrating her smooth armpits and slightly raised breasts to an embarrassed Emily.
– Do not be shy you – you touched my chest with your lips yesterday. We live together lesbian.

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