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He wrapped Demenick’s beautiful hair into his fist and rudely and unceremoniously raped him in the mouth.
Given the frenzied rhythm with which he was raped and the fact that the vibrator was already turned on at maximum speed, Demenik could no longer control himself and in any way protect himself from electric shocks.
A feeling of pain mixed with a feeling of pleasure filled Demenika completely.
And his tormentor continued to rape his mouth, with each new impetus going deeper and deeper.
Sometimes he stopped and tightened the belt around Demenik’s neck even more.
After several such breaks, the collar was buttoned so tightly that he had to force his way through to get deeper into Demenik’s throat.
Demenick’s penis and stomach suffered terribly due to the discharges of the current, the sore throat was simply unbearable.
However, it all gave him pleasure.
And he was ready to finish.
But the torturer stopped his torture.
He took out a member of the mouth of Demenika, turned off the vibrator in the pope, de-energized the frame and undid the collar.
Doing this, he inserted the gag back into Demenick’s mouth and fastened it on the back of his head.
The thief approached Demenik from behind and began to gently stroke him on the back.
– You’re doing fine.
Played well.
– with these words, he carefully pulled the vibrator from the priests of his victim.
Demenik could no longer think about anything, he wanted to continue to enjoy.
When his

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tormentor began to pull out a vibrator, Demenik tried to move backwards to plant him again.
– Look, you have not played enough.
It’s good.
For today I have prepared for you one more game.
Only this time I will get pleasure immediately with you.
– Loosening, finally, the rope Demenika, the stranger went into the shadows.

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He was gone for too long.
Demenik began to slowly recover.
His excitement subsided.
He no longer knew whether he wanted his tormentor to return with a new game.
The kidnapper was gone for almost an hour.
For Demenik, this time stretched into eternity.
He was dying of waiting.
He wanted his tormentor back.
Let anything happen.
Than this agonizing wait.
“I hope you didn’t miss me so much,” came the voice, which had already become familiar, from the darkness.
– You know, I had to rest.
Still, these games are so tiring.
– following the voice, a familiar silhouette emerged from the shadows.
This time the kidnapper was completely naked.
– Look, you liked the first toy so much that you didn’t leave her for a second.
Well, don’t worry, the next one, of course, will be a little smaller, but it will give you even more pleasure, perhaps.
– With these words, he pulled the rope, forcing Demenik backwards, retreating from the frame.
When the frame was already in the shadows, the kidnapper stopped.
– Well, this place is perfect for our next game.
He again stepped briefly into the shadows, returning from there with a new collar and a coil of rope.
On the collar was a small ring, through which he immediately missed the rope, then secured this collar around Demenik’s neck.
Then he masked the rope for which Demenik was suspended.
Tired of suffering, Demenik fell to the floor.
The torturer immediately began the ends of the rope, passed through the collar, to the knees, causing Demenik to curl.
Since the ropes were firmly fixed on Demenick’s neck and legs, he could not move at all.
Making sure that the prisoner was completely immobilized, the thief left for a new batch of accessories.
This time, he brought a small machine with switches, from which there were different wires.
Each wire ended in a special nozzle.
The torturer took two of them, ending with metal clothespins and, going up to Demenik, attached them to his nipples.
Then he returned to the device.
This time he took a wire, the end of which served as a thin metal pin, on the sides of which were two small clothespins.
Approaching Demenik, the torturer began to caress his penis with one hand, while gently kissing his victim in the neck and cheek.
As soon as Demenika’s member began to rise, the torturer instantly exposed Demenik’s head and sharply inserted a metal pin into the urethra.
After that, he fixed his position by fastening the clothespins to the foreskin.
The final stage of preparation was the tension of the rope tied to the hands of Demenik, so that he had to get up. Tube sex online.

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