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I said that we can speak his native language.
– I want to know well and human language.
Therefore, please talk to me on it.
My smile was slightly dismissive, and I answered: – Ok.
We descended a wide stone staircase to a large hall.
There was already a huge oak table in the shape of an oval, at the head of which sat Amtrok, the king of ogres and my future father-in-law, sitting on a large throne.
He saw us and invited us to his place.
“Ariada, your belongings will now be brought to your room.”
Yesterday we did not bother you.
And now you are welcome to the table.
My fiance sat beside his father, and I beside him.
At the table, besides us, there were still a dozen ogres who were staring at me intently.
But as soon as the dishes were amazingly smelling, they forgot about me at once and began to wield someone with a knife and fork, and some with their hands. Teen girls live sex cam.

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