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But no one from the village pays any attention to this.
Many have this, everyone only thinks about himself.
Their house is there, on the contrary.
Irochka girl name is.
– Thank.
The guy was left standing alone and looking at the girl.
He felt no pity for her.
Or tried to hide it? Stas slowly approached the girl and saw how she jumped up with fear, laughed: – Hello, little one.
Why are you so scared? – I thought it was Dad or his friends who came – the girl spoke childishly despite her age.
Although she looked much younger.
Probably because ate little.
– Are you Ira? The girl quickly jumped up and ran, that there is strength, but the guy was much faster and stronger.
After a few seconds, the girl was lying face down on the ground, and the guy was standing nearby.
“Never do that again.”
– I will not be any more – the girl whispered quietly.

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Stas understood that it excites him, because he was rich, powerful, had several slaves and owned all the ways of perversions and sex games.
He never had a heart, and sometimes what he did was terrible.
The guy took her in his arms and smiled.
– Tell me where you live, and I will take you home – in 15 minutes the girl ran to the house.
Stas remained standing and looking more at the barn than at the house.
Not far from the well nearby, he saw a very beautiful girl.
She seemed to be 20-21, just like him.
(I will not describe the appearance, I will throw the picture) The girl took two buckets of water and carried them into the house.
The guy quickly ran to the girl and helped her carry buckets.
– True, thanks, but not worth it.
– It was not difficult for me.
I was just walking here.

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Maybe you help.
– Oh no, that you.
I can handle it myself.
– Shouldn’t your husband help you? – I think you have already been informed about my situation, so you should understand that I have no one to wait for help from.
– You will have me.
– Do you understand what you are saying? This is impossible, and now leave before my husband sees us together.
– I will be nothing for it.
– That’s exactly what will not, and I will fall because of you.
And in general, I have to feed the child.
“Okay, as long as you can be free, but next time you will not escape so easily.”
The girl left silently, without saying anything to the guy, and after a while Stas silently withdrew, knowing that soon she would belong to him.
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