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We didn’t manage to have children (were protected), because we wanted to make a career first, and only then, at 35-40 years old, to take care of the house and children (my parents, who had already died by the time), did the same.
We sold the apartments (parent and ours), bought a nice cottage.
Due to the absence of children, Katy’s figure has been preserved in a pristinely gorgeous state: she carefully looked after herself, was considered a glamorous woman of fashion.
She dyed her hair and became a platinum blonde.
If before her eyes were grayish, then after changing the hair color, they became brighter with an emerald shade.
And although my wife was a beauty, the years of living together made themselves felt: sexual attraction somehow dulled, I wanted new, vivid impressions.
We tried all poses, anal and oral sex.
But the most memorable moments were the following: a professional photo session of my wife, when the photographer persuaded her to candid nude photos; New Year in Egypt, when an animator pulled my wife on a night show on the stage and made her dance a striptease; and swimming in the bath with the couples of our friends. Sex na online.

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