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Once, when she was little, she watched her parents sex from here.
She remembered the words, or rather, the cries of her mother: “I love you! I love you!” No one knew about it.
But then for the first time Tanya began to watch porn magazines with naked men and then for the first time did a blowjob.
Although she did not know exactly what this would lead to.
When the man – I must say, quite an adult – threw out the sperm in her mouth and she swallowed her, then he first called her a “slutty whore”, which she incredibly liked.
Tanya saw how a burgundy Sasha’s member rose from the nest of black hair.
As Marina took him in hand.
She saw and launched her hand husband lips, began to caress his clitoris.
And suddenly, from behind, in her raised ass, something entered.
Tanya closed her eyes and screamed.
But they did not pay attention to her, they fucked her, they had her, she could not move.
She was hurt, but on the other hand she felt that she was about to finish that some more.
Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at Marina.
Sasha ruthlessly had her, having set himself cancer.
Tanya was looking at her brother and could not believe his eyes, he was so beautiful and wild.
She with a sharp movement freed a member of Ivan and bent his head to the gap in the wall.
Ivan breathed loudly.
She took his barrel in her hand and jerked a little.
And then he dragged her into the room to Sasha and Marina.
She did not even understand how it happened.
Soon Sasha had her as a whore, shot for an hour.
Ivan fucked Marina so that everyone heard the loud clums of her lubricant.
Two hours later, all lay, fallen, like trees after a storm.
Marina looked at the ceiling and thought that leaving the monastery was not such a bad idea.

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So at the age of fifteen I already had regular sex with an adult man.
Once he undressed me and began to caress my pussy.
When I was very excited, he laid me on my back, said to lift up my legs and began to caress the hole in my ass with my finger.
I knew that my uncle liked anal sex and was ready for it.
Uncle bent down and began to lick my ass.
It was so nice that I closed my eyes and began to moan and ask again and again.
He licked my ass for a long time, and the grease from my pussy flowed straight to the anus, so that it was already wet too.
Uncle took advantage of this and put a finger in my ass.
I have long wanted this and I groaned harder.
He began to fuck me in the ass, gradually expanding

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the hole.
When I relaxed enough, he stuck his hard excitement member into my ass.
It turned out to be fantastically pleasant, I began to press my uncle and pull at my clitoris, and soon a violent orgasm covered me.
While I finished, my uncle filled my ass with cum.
So I also began to like anal sex and we began to engage in it regularly.
My uncle liked to photograph me naked in bed, in the courtyard, on the stairs, on the hood of a car and in the car, in the shower and anywhere.
Several times he filmed on camera, as I masturbate, and somehow even shot a video of our anal sex.
One day my uncle came home and told me that we would have guests tomorrow.
I was delighted – we rarely had guests, I did not consider uncle’s mistresses.
My uncle said that his old friends will come, with whom he has been friends since his youth, that they are very important to him, and I must be very polite and courteous to them.
I said that, of course, it will.
The next day, my uncle came into my room and told me to dress like a school.
I was surprised, because it was not my most elegant costume, but did not insist.
– Do not wear a bra.
And put this on, – the uncle added, and threw some package on my bed.
In the package I found white lace panties and the same stockings.
I wore them, my school checkered skirt and white blouse, and when the time came, I went down to the guests.
In the living room sat my uncle and three men.
One was tall and thin, the second was short and almost bald, the third was a healthy, broad-shouldered man.
They were all about the same age.
Guests sat on the couch, uncle – on the chair.
In the middle of the room stood an empty coffee table, covered with a veil.
I was surprised, but did not file a mind.
My uncle introduced me to the guests and said that I was a good and diligent girl, I study well and behave obediently. Sex gay live.

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