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Aniri in bed, like good prose, requires unhurriedness.
And Midav is in sex approaching true creativity – the creation of pleasure for two.
God, creating a mortal life, probably experienced an orgasm, because there is no other way to explain the origin of this highest in the world of pleasure.
An endless white river of female flesh flowed under him on the bed of the hotel for an hour.
Two open hands plaited him powerless streams.
Midav looked at this body with tenderness, tenderness, love.
There were only feelings.
A wish.
From the impending delight, my heart sank.
Midav understood that on Saturday Aniri was awaiting the punishment that he should execute publicly according to the verdict of the court.
Dozens of eyes will observe this and not one will have to understand that the imitation of which they now need to agree will deliver only imaginary, perhaps a little pain.
Aniri is faced with the difficult task of choosing tools for voluptuous public torture.
But now she belonged to him all — with all her flesh, rivers, forests, and birds singing in her hazy gardens.
And – with its elastic neck, darkened nipples of the white breast, trembling hollow of the abdomen, with trustingly wide-open legs, it caused an unbearable thirst not to quench which is now simply impossible.

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Chapter 5 Aniri appeared before the public, among whom were women dressed in luxurious outfits.
In the men’s eyes, she knew how and loved to kindle ecstatic fire.
The eyes of the women were cold and ironic.
For them, she was a toy, with which Midav will now do everything that she wants without harming her health.
No one now knows what it will be, no one knows that Aniri and Midav have already agreed on everything and agreed on the whole scenario of the upcoming punishment for such nonsense by Moscow standards as ticketless travel on a monorail.
Due to cruel laws, there was practically no crime on the island and public executions, as a rule, were carried out only for administrative offenses.
Aniri only once, for the sake of curiosity, visited one of those where a naked girl hung on the crossbar mercilessly flogged.
She screamed and twisted, and a thin whip, wrapped around her slim body, overwhelmed the most intimate places punishable.
Aniri was madly sorry for her and then she could not even imagine that such a thing would happen

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to her.
Midavu, being appointed to the position of executing judge, has so far managed to avoid the role of the executor directly.
And now before him stood his beloved girl, whom he had to punish her body according to her own script.
How many times did he tell her that everything here is not the same as in a careless Russia.
What a thrown piece of paper past an urn is sentenced to the pillory, and for traveling without a ticket, it can be sentenced to three years hard labor.
All in vain.
With great difficulty, he managed to convince the rest of the tribunal that for the first time it would be quite enough just an execution, which he would execute independently.
Aniri now had to undress.
Everyone was waiting for this exciting moment.
Many men came here solely to admire women’s bodies and the sufferings of young women. Sex couple cam.

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