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I was just invited there.
My adjutant will come and guide you.
Dress and heels are welcome, maria.
Slightly stunned, I returned to the med case.
Immediately, Paul came running, who had not yet been loaded with patients on a full schedule.
I told him the conversation with the captain and noticed that I did not find out what his name was.
– Arthur Vronsky his name is.
Are you thinking Vanya or Misha? – pinned me companion.
– Yes, I did not think anything, just asked.
Let’s better make a work plan.
What and in what order.
They decided to start with drugs and from the chest, the body is more for aesthetics than for work.
We painted an action plan taking into account the allotted time, calculated the dose and warned the girl so that she would come to me immediately without any snacks tomorrow morning.
It seems that sleepless nights are becoming a tradition.
I was scared.
I have never tested my developments in public.
From pity for mice, I managed to abstract, especially since behind each animal there are hundreds more of its relatives.
Treat just as indifferently to the person you know, did not work.
The support of Paul helped a lot.
After listening to a short course in the program of actions, he believed that I was still clever.
Even his eyes changed, he stopped looking like a fool who had just been released from a reservation for nerds.

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In the morning I decided that my eyes were afraid, and my hands were acting, the brothel had nowhere to retreat, at the same time I remembered a bunch of similar motivators.
After all, the main thing is that it is a confident view so that the patient does not doubt success.
From the help of Paul refused, I am not going to pull him to the bottom in case of failure.
The girl came exactly to the beginning of the working day

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It was not clear if she was worried, but to clear my conscience, I once again drove the duty text to her, about the fact that everything is under control, no need to be afraid, it is almost safe.
As a result of the injections, she will improve the nervous conductivity of the mammary glands and increase her sensitivity.
I could not promise that everything will pass smoothly.
Judging by the behavior of the mice, it hurts.
I asked her to undress and lie on her back on a foam table for patients.
These tables were new, expensive, and I was very happy to find one in the reception room.
If the patient had to be fixed, then the table foamed and pulled into those parts of the body that the doctor did not need at the moment.
In the official language of the documents, this action had a complex name, but foam and its derivatives got used in everyday life.
Programmed to immerse the legs and arms, so that the shoulders and body remained on the surface.
Rolled up the rack with already charged devices for automatic injection.
Here, although I am an absolutely unbelieving person, I really wanted to cross myself.
Deciding that the two deaths will not happen, suppressed this impulse and launched a syringe-gun.
It turned out to be very painful.
Lucky the cabins were soundproof.
The girl screamed, banging her head on the table.
I urgently reprogrammed the foam at the head to avoid injuries. Secret sex on camera.

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