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It’s time to work as it should.
“Mr pulled a member out of her mouth and began to slap them on her face.
“You need to learn how to swallow a member to the ground.
Learn to hold your breath and suppress rejection reflexes in the pharynx.
Let’s start right now.
Put on the penis so that you can simultaneously reach out with your tongue and lick the eggs.
“The leash demanded that she pull her head down and slowly began the countdown“ ten, nine, eight. ”
It was not easy, after ten minutes of such exercises she was completely exhausted.
She struggled with suffocation and spasms, involuntarily protruding tears streamed down her face, the entire crotch of the lord and her whole chest were covered in saliva.
But the gentleman liked, he groaned with pleasure, collected a member of her drool from the chin, smeared them on the female face and encouragingly slapped on wet cheeks, giving a breath before the next dive.

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Finally, her efforts brought results.
The gentleman grabbed her hair and asking the rhythm of the leash often began to stick her head on the penis, as if jerking his mouth with a wordless doll.
After pouring into the obedient female’s mouth, he ordered her to carefully lick the eggs and the crotch, after which with a leash the tug lifted her head and examined the exhausted woman with satisfaction.
“This is better.
Soon you will become a fully qualified whore. ”
This dubious compliment caused her spasms in her genitals, she only dreamed that she would be allowed to be exhausted and looked into the eyes of a man enchantingly, squeezing her hips and whining.
The gentleman looked at her condescendingly, then demandingly spread her thighs with his foot and touched his crotch feet, causing a lingering moan in her.

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Soon she realized that this was not a joke.
Her really fucked foot.
The foot of the gentleman began to move in her gap, the finger penetrated inside and she rolled her eyes with shame and pleasure.
“Come on, bitch, come on, sit down on your leg, you want to finish like the last damn thing,” the lord shouted at her mercilessly and jerked the leash on the leash on the woman.
And she gave up.
She clasped her master’s leg and buried her wet face on his knee, she began to furiously sit down on his foot, trembling and squealing with lust.
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