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She sat with her hands between her legs and was completely absorbed in the film.
He admired her statuette figure, the hillocks of the girl’s chest became very noticeable from the side, and the boy noticed that the nipples on the small breasts tensed and protruded like two pebbles.
– Suspend the movie.
– said Inna.
– On the screen, a frame froze with a schematic image of a woman sitting on a chair and a man standing facing her.
– Now the girls are left to sit, and the boys get up as shown in the diagram.
Kostya got in and turned around in front of Masha.
His cock was just at the level of her face.
Mashka looked at him interestedly.
– Boys, do not hesitate, show your sexual organ to girls.
– Girls, you can touch a member of the partner and study it.
Just be careful.
He is very gentle and sensitive.
– Inna’s voice was heard from behind Kostya.
– If you have any questions, feel free to ask your partners if they should know their body.
– said Michael.
Reddened Masha hesitantly reached out to Kostya’s dick, but suddenly stopped halfway and, looking inquiringly into his eyes, quietly asked: – Can I? Kostya swallowed and nodded.
The girl’s hand gently touched the member Kostya and

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gently stroked.
From the touch of cool mashikinnyh fingers a little sluggish member immediately began to pour and literally in a few seconds he stood upright.
The girl giggled, threw a glance at Kostya’s face and continued the study.
You are my guest.
we sit talking to you drink.
I say I will be back soon.
I go out to another room for a while.
And then you feel someone’s presence.
You turn and see.
what do you see.
you see a dark creature, dark and beautiful.
He has black shiny skin.
but this is not skin; this is a multitude of small scales like needles of thin.
(remember how Mystic shone when turned into a mutant from People X movie) This skin is designed to cause pain.

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in his arms.
when he will give pleasure.
sharp claws on the fingers, burning eyes.
the same tail.
black curved horns.
white teeth with sharp fangs.
It looks at you with those greedy, burning eyes.
He pounces on you, knocking you on the shoulder blades.
he sniffs your neck hair nose like a beast.
a wild beast that was released from the cage or that broke the chain.
He hisses.
his long tongue runs down your neck.
He is pleased with the taste.
He speaks to you but not with the tongue.
you hear it in your head.
– How long did he keep me locked up?
How long have I wanted to break out.
when these gentle creatures were with him.
girlfriends, nieces, sisters, partners
How I wished to break free and pounce on them.
get enough of them.
Their flesh is their fears.
their soul.
And I’m so hungry.
that nothing and no one can satisfy my all-consuming hunger !!! His scales scratched your skin.
and the tail snaps loudly, whipping behind him.
he is like a cat jerking them before jumping.
cuts through the sharp end of the air.
His long forked tongue slides along your neck, crawling into a hollow between your breasts.
You freeze from fear and strange excitement.
with all this horror, he is beautiful.
His tail slides along your thigh under your dress.
The jagged end of which clings to the thin fabric of the panties and tears them off, leaving a couple of scratches on the pubis.
With his hands he tore the dress in two.
and threw them to the sides.
you are alone.
completely naked in front of him.
before this beast.
his eyes fascinate.
his tongue slips over the nipples.
making them harden.
slashing at them forked end of the tongue.
his hands
gentle fingertips.
followed by sharp claws causing pain.
for the experienced pleasure.
But otherwise, for the pleasure you have to pay.
He grabs you in his strong.
hugs of darkness itself.
And plunges his hot dick into your bosom.
he just tears you up.
he takes you more and more, deeper stronger, mercilessly.
He copulates with you.
with its prey.
how he is hungry, he plunges his dick into you again and again, your body is burning you have nothing to breathe.
you are tense all over.
the weight that grows in you is ready to spill out.
fingers scratch your back and scales on your chest hurt your nipples.
and you explode into a wild orgasm.
you feel his cock pouring his seed into you.
At this moment when you explode with an orgasm, he thrusts his sharp fangs into your neck.
he pours seed into you and drinks your blood.
you feel wild ecstasy and weightlessness.
huge black wings swing open behind him and he soars into the sky taking you with him!
Night, dark, no sound is heard on the street.
You enjoy your new state, the feeling of the invisible, which you have gained by chance. Real online sex chat.

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