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He was all wet, but there was no blood on him.
“It’s all right,” said Lucy, “good luck to you.”
And she patted Masha in the ass.
Vadik carnivorous snarled and threw his dick into Masha with a sweep.
She clutched at the edge of the sofa and bit her pillow so as not to shout.
Lucy slapped her husband on the ass.
“Come on, stallion,” she said approvingly, “show her what a really cruel fucking is.”
And Vadik showed.
Now he no longer cared about caution and did not pay attention to Masha’s screams, which broke through the pillow.
He fucked Masha madly, just as he had fucked Lucy before.
He literally tore her, rushed at her with all the weight of her body.
He scratched her back and buttocks until blood and bit her shoulders. Office spy cam sex.

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