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With his hands, the sorcerer made such movements as if he was pulling at something.
Having hidden his claws, (it turns out he could do it if he wanted to), MuDor crumpled and twitched the nipples of Belit with his fingers, pulled them off, sometimes twisted.
The girl was trembling all over and sobbing.
Desperation caustic poison poisoned her soul, deprived of the will to fight.
Although, how could she fight? How could she avoid the inevitable? Mudor’s rough palms slid down Belit’s thighs, with obvious pleasure reflected on the nasty face of the monster, feeling her tight buttocks.
Then, the demon knelt before the young shemitka.
The tongue of MuDor began to penetrate between her sexual lips.
He aggressively moved them apart, overcoming the resistance of taut, youthful flesh.
Here he is by chance.
or maybe it was not by

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chance that he touched the tiny papilla above the entrance of the vagina.
Belit groaned, for the touch of this tubercle of flesh caused bright sweet sensations.
Sometimes, lying in bed, she caressed herself there, experiencing considerable pleasure.
But one thing is when your fingers are engaged in your “bud” and quite another when someone else touches your intimate place.
Body treacherously responded to caress.
Belit’s thoughts were confused.
Well, the demon doesn’t care, one way or another, to master it.
Can spit on everything and surrender to pleasure? The hot, dense tongue of Mudor penetrated inside, finally spreading the delicate petals of the contused sponges.
Spinning, twisting in a spiral, he slid deeper into the frying, wet hole.

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– What! How.
The demon abruptly pulled back and sucked his tongue into his mouth.
His eyes, staring at Belit, seemed to come out of orbit now.
– Not! Nooooooo !!! Sumset frowned at Mudora.
– What happened? – You fooled me! – shrill howl demon.
– cheated! – How.
– the stygian was pale and covered with cold sweat.
– Dirty liar! The taste of blood.
She is not a virgin! The sorcerer gulped convulsively.
It was as if a huge piece of ice had formed in his stomach, and his hands and feet became wadded with horror.
– But I myself.
I checked.
– Laugh at me thinking? MuDor swiftly jumped on Samsset.
The Styean was standing close now and did not have time to dodge or bounce.
The clawed hand grabbed his throat.
– I am not guilty! I checked! An hour ago, she was a virgin! MuDor did not listen to him.
Rage completely eclipsed the mind of the monster.
Blood began to seep from beneath his fingers, squeezing the sorcerer’s throat.
Samset twitched his whole body, lightning struck from his hands, but only the ceiling burned.
– Aramtu! Help me brother.
The hunchbacked freak has rushed to the coupled couple, but has stopped halfway.
The mere sight of Mudor instilled panic in him.
– Aramtu.
Eyes Samsat and Aramt met.
And the understanding came to the sorcerer.
– You! Dirty smelly bastard! You did it! – I.
I wanted.
beautiful women.
You promised me.
You promised me a long time, ”the hunchback muttered.
– Could not wait.
Could not.
– Damn you! Traitor! Geek! Freak! Lightning struck this time in the chest of Mudor.
He howled, snarled, but did not release the sorcerer.
Moreover, continuing to choke his victim, the demon raised it above the floor.
The distorted face of torment and hatred of Samsett turned red.
Publishing painful wheezing, he threw another lightning in the face of the enemy.
The demon screamed in pain, his right eye burst, the flesh from the right side, all the way to the neck, was charred and blackened.
MuDor, in a thirst for revenge from all over the place, put the sorcerer with his back against a stone wall, and then with the claws of his other hand ripped up his stomach to Samset.
Looking at the desperate fight of the demon and the sorcerer, Belit regained the hope of salvation.
She looked for Aramta.
The hunchback huddled in a corner and whined there, curling into a ball. Non nude dance cam ru.

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