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People went to philosophy only to mark a visit, to listen, and even more so there was no point in taking notes – everyone usually received the exam automatically.
“A prickly shrub of the Rosaceae family with black and bluish edible raspberry-like berries,” Kostik muttered under his ear.
– Seven letters.
– You speak black? – for some reason I clearly felt in my mouth the taste of that handful of berries that I had eaten for breakfast.
– Blackberry.
– Similarly, fit! – the neighbor was delighted.
– Listen, why are you so smart sitting on the back of the desk? “To teach with your knowledge not to overshadow too much,” I reluctantly quipped.
At the very head a bright image of a blackberry saucer surfaced.
“And by the way, about the blackberry,” Kostik suddenly perked up.
– I today on computer science on the Internet read about a very interesting series of murders taking place all over the city.
“Are people being fed blackberries to death?” – No, there is another, – Kostya wrinkled his forehead, trying to recall the article in detail.
– The victims are men aged eighteen to fifty years.
Their bodies are found in their own apartments with signs of cruel sexual abuse.
And the most important thing that unites all cases – in the refrigerators of all victims find small saucers with blackberries.
I had a big nasty lump in my throat, so I almost vomited all this blackberry right on the desk.
His eyes were dim, his ears pounded, as if from a sharp rise in pressure.
I grabbed my notebook, which had not been opened since the beginning of the pair, and abruptly rose from the table.
– Where are you going? – without much interest asked Kostya. Movie sex online free.

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