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A couple of seconds, and the head went through the first sphincter, and Olya howled in pain and began to whisper. ”
this is for me forgetfulness.
I sinned
it is a punishment.

Tears flowed from her eyes, but she didn’t even attempt to pull away.
The count stopped and waited.
After a few seconds, the pain clearly either subsided or became tolerable, and the Earl grabbed her around the waist and began to aggressively move forward, pushing the velvety, tender walls of her anus.
He stopped just going in until the end and asked: “Well, how?” Olya turned on him, smiled and said: “Well, now I understand how it is.
Like this – to be a really historical girl. ”
The count tried to relax, but her ass squeezed him so tightly that there was no way for that.
Then he began to slowly move back and forth.
Olenka looked at him in bewilderment, and wanted to object, but then she presented herself: she bent down, skirt raised, mouth tasted boyish pussy, arms spread her buttocks, and in the priest there was a big fat male member.

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she objected nothing, only groaned weakly.
The count took it as a signal – he began to move back and forth energetically, not paying attention to anything.
Olina ass squeezed his cock like a tight glove, like a milking machine.
He moved faster and faster, and his head through the wall of the ass massaged the wall of Olin’s vagina.
Olya unbuttoned her blouse and having already forgotten about her mother, decency and sins, gently but strongly caressed her young breasts.
It couldn’t go on like this for a long time.
The count issued some kind of inarticulate, prehistoric roar, and entering Olya to the end, he poured out his first true ejaculation into a splayed beauty, the most severe class girl.
A second has passed, and his member has already started to miss anything other than sperm.
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