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And now there was none.
– Greetings MuDor! Exclaimed Sumset.
– Welcome to

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our world! – That you mean what? The demon growled, glancing at the sorcerer with a quick glance.
– Through the abyss of space and time, separating our worlds, I heard only your voice when you addressed me.
– MuDor grinned, revealing fangs.
– You look no better than you sound.
– This is all unimportant! – Samset winced and waved his hands.
– It’s time to start the main part of the ritual! – I agree.
With the noise of drawing in the air with the nostrils of a wide, flat nose, MuDor looked around the room.
His gaze was fixed on Belit, chained to a stone and frozen with horror.
– And this is the immaculate maiden promised by you? – Yes.
Her name is Belit.
“Beautiful,” the demon puffed his approval and licked his lips with a black forked tongue.
– My nature is thirsty.
“Take your time,” the sorcerer stopped him.
– First, as agreed, give me a part of your black soul.
MuDor hissed: – Do not you believe me? Do you think I’ll fool you? “First you promised, then you get the girl,” said Samset stubbornly.
– Do you know mortal that I can crush you like a beetle ?! The demon roared.
“You are as mortal as I am now,” the stygian laughed.
– Your body is vulnerable.
– What?! – screamed MuDor.
– You are seen as a fool took me? – continued the sorcerer sarcastically.
– Would I call for the service of a powerful demon, not having advantages over him? See the remains of the woman? You were conceived in her as a mortal, and the seed that gave birth to you belongs to Kulbe and Melf.

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MuDor looked around with a hunted look.
Only now he noticed that his body was smeared with blood here and there.
Then, he looked at his feet, where the remains of Yun-Li were scattered in a bloody puddle.
Demon began to beat a big shiver, generated by both rage and fear that everything did not turn out the way he expected.
– What?.
What have you done, sorcerer ?! – howl MuDor! He was clearly in great confusion.
– I had to come to your world in the form of energy! – No, you came through the flesh.
Through ordinary mortal flesh! – the Stygian laughed.
– It was my will.
You are certainly powerful, but mortal.
But everything can be fixed.
– The flesh of a virgin! The demon howled shrilly.
– Only by connecting with the immaculate virgin in this world, I will find my former power and immortality! “Simple connection is not enough,” Samset snorted.
– You need a special spell that I will pronounce during intercourse.
So let’s calm down, restrain your ardor and first give me a part of your soul.
– Calm down ?! – the demon stared his mad eyes at the sorcerer.
“I, MuDor, lord of horror, is your mortal fault now!” And you tell me – calm down? “You have no other choice,” the stygian shook his head.
– A part of your soul – in exchange for immortality and power over this world.
– Do you want me to voluntarily give you my essence? – MuDor hissed and bared his fangs again.
– Yes, I want it.
We did agree with you.
You rule this world, but you obey me and I will be the only one who can destroy you.
Or did you expect to rule alone? The demon trembled, clenched his fists.
– Great MuDor, the lord of darkness, the lord of horror, the father of despair does not share power with anyone! And even more so does not obey anyone! “Now we have to,” grinned the Stygian.
“Either accept my conditions, or you will remain mortal in our world and someday people will kill you.”
– Bring me back! – shouted MuDor.
– Off! Get out of this world! “That’s impossible,” Samset shook his head.
– You were born through the flesh, and not in the form of spirit, energy.
The passage back to the Hell through the subtle matters of the universe is impossible.
– Impossible? And how did you call Kulbu and Melf? Now they are not here! So you could send them back! – Kulba and Melf purebred demons, albeit low-level. Livejasmin video hack.

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