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Ol, and what will I say to Vasily Ignatievich that he is no longer a deputy.
Why, even if he occupies his post, especially since he is a high-class specialist, I will simply be your first deputy and throughout the situation and all matters, he must first report to me, I will process this information, sort it out, and that I consider important report to you.
You pay me, good money, I am also interested in the enterprise giving a big profit, my salary depends on it.
Moreover, why would you bother your head with nonsense, I will bring to you only the most important aspects.
At any time, if you want, I will provide you with a report and documents on the activities of the company for any period.
I like it, it’s good that it will be so, I completely trust you, so you can work.

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Now I will have more free time.
On all major issues, I will consult with you, and in any case, the last word will always be yours, since you are the owner of the company.
During the conversations they did not notice how they drove up to the office.
Katya had previously called the secretary so that she would notify the heads of departments, directors and other superiors, so that today everyone would gather in her office at a meeting.
Having entered Olga with the office, everyone present stood up, welcoming Ekaterina Alekseevna.
She sat in her chair, Olga sat next.
To begin with, a small announcement, from today Olga Borisovna is appointed by my first deputy, Vasily Ignatievich, will also remain in his post and will carry out his previous work, he will now solve all questions with Olga Borisovna, as well as all other employees.

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Olga Borisovna will manage the entire company and execute all its orders, as mine.
Everyone is clear who has questions.
Okay, then let’s get down to the current affairs discussion, go get Olga Borisovna.
Olga was not ready for such a turn of affairs to immediately make a report, but it took several seconds to navigate the situation and she held a meeting as a competent leader.
When everyone broke up, she asked Katya: Why did you do this, you could have said beforehand that I would have to speak, I would have prepared for this.
I decided to check you whether you can do it or not, I really liked how you behaved, very confidently and I do not regret my decision trusting you with the management of my company.
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