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I noticed that my friend’s face was covered with a bit of a blush, it was felt that he was excited by such magnificence.
When I picked up the blindingly white translucent panties, his breathing became noticeably faster and he loosened his tie.
Leaning towards me, he whispered: “Annette, my dear little girl, let’s buy these lovely panties and you will dress them right here in the dressing room, and I will watch you through a little crack.”
Having paid all our purchases at the checkout, I went behind the screen and there first took off the outerwear, then the tights and my equally beautiful panties.
I put them in my purse and began to wear just bought ones.
All this time, my friend was watching me, and when I turned to him, he saw my stiffened tubercles under a new dress.
The man could not stand such torture and, going into the fitting room, he knelt before me and eagerly pressed his tongue to my pussy.
– Lord, what are you doing? – I managed to whisper and drowned in the abyss of extraordinary and yet unknown pleasure.
I understood that there are people behind this curtain, that at any moment someone can glance here and see us, but that’s why my desire only increased.
My companion released his friend and stood in front of me, I felt through the panties that something that would be difficult to hide then happens now.
I took his dick in his hand and sent a stream of hot sperm right in my panties.
Warm moisture flowed down through the shaking clitoris and further down the legs.
I could not resist and screamed from the surging wave of lust.

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When I woke up, I thought: this is an idea.
This is something unusual and sweet.
Fifth Dream In the fifth dream, I was a despotic Queen! We entered the apartment with him and he began to take off his raincoat, but I suddenly wanted to comment to him: why didn’t you take off my shoes first? He suddenly surrendered and, falling to his knees, began to take off his shoes with my trembling hands.
His humility turned me on and I ordered her to do it with my teeth.
As soon as he touched his lips to my heels, I realized that this is not just a man – this is my BAB! When my legs dived into warm slippers and I headed into the room, he was still kneeling.
Turning around, I scornfully threw my beautician in his face and, in a haughty, chilling voice, said: “Well, what are you, whore, standing?” Crawl over me and kiss my tracks.
He fulfilled this command.
I fell on the sofa, and my companion squatted in front of me and waited for new instructions.
“I want you to undress and stand on all fours in front of me

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My slave carried out all my orders meekly.
A few minutes later, on his bare back was my coffee and a box of sweets was lying.
I made him turn his back on me so that nothing fell from the “table”.
The slave did it very successfully.
“You are my thing,” I whispered, “you are a nothing, you are my dog.”
– Yes, yes, yes, my lady! – My companion agreed.
“I will make you the very last slut now,” I continued.
– Spread the buttocks.
The slave, having fulfilled my request, almost knocked over a cup of coffee and immediately received a ringing slap on the ass.
– What are you, you allow yourself a bastard? – raising the tone, I asked.
“I’ll punish you for that now.”
– Excuse me, My Majesty, I am ready to atone for my guilt.
I inserted his big toe into his anus and pressed hard.
My slave groaned, and I felt my pussy get wet.
I began to masturbate, and this nonentity ordered me to suck my toes.
Then I remember my dream passages, but there was everything: my slave was my bedding near the toilet, he replaced me with toilet paper.
When I was resting on the couch, I allowed him to masturbate a little.
Then I filled it with golden rain, sitting on his neck, and made me lick my legs and feet.
Such dreams have not yet dreamed of me, but I woke up cheerful and in a good mood. Live sex hd movie.

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