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Live sex chat blackstelli. crime: but – fall in love? in the boy ?! What is it like? – he didn’t understand: “It’s good that the foreman didn’t find out in the morning: You have to be careful!” Stasik agreed: “It is necessary.
How he: this: could forget? “” And you yourself? About fat thought? “- Sanya smiled.
“Fuck! You’re some kind: this: rude!” “Exactly, old one.
I am far from you: – the castle platoon laughed.
– You are a poet: “The shoutman shouted:” The company! Attention! It is free! “” And Davlet: vociferous, fucking, cock: “- Stasik thought out loud.
“You: not him, by chance, fucked?” “He has his kents:” “Company, build!” – the daily shouted loudly.
On the construction of the divorce, and Sanya gave the command: “The second platoon! Become !.
In short, Stasik: the visitor of the temples, fuck! You get high: and who should clean the mattresses? I? The third time you forget: you forget again, and – and you, Stasik, know me! – behind the key do not come.
Dryuch in the dryer, in the toilet: anywhere! The key will not give: “” Clear, Sanya, – Stas replied.
– I am: it is: not a kid! “” Okay! – like summing up, he slapped Sanya on the shoulder of Stas’s friend.
“Husband!” “You yourself are a husband: everything, I am silent!” “That’s better!” Laughing, they both hurried into the line: Stasik, without recognizing who he was in the captain, was pleased, taking his place, Stasik winked Misha; the poor guy, nervously twitching, hiccupped.
“What are you doing?” – Valery quietly whispered, squinting.
Ahead, Igor scratched across his trousers where my boy’s mink was, and – Gena smiled, vigilantly watched: Gena agreed with him, Igor – Igor promised: Misha poured out sweat, but – dry: Ashot was bored: Sanya thought about Valerka: Misha thought about the letter: The platoon thought about the coming test: And the spring already smelled frosty air, and the blue sky: Mouth, moving his eyebrows menacingly, in conclusion said: “To classes, company: free! Live sex chat blackstelli.

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