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I also wanted to go to the sea, I hadn’t been there for a long time, so I decided that my games with pussy would wait until the evening.
Tanya went to the bathroom, and I finished the toast went to her to gather.
I decided to dress up the swimsuit that she gave me for my birthday. I put on a light sundress on top, which did not reach my knees and a straw hat.
I took a pareo with me, a tanning cream and spare panties, so as not to go home wet if I wanted to take a dip.
Going out into the corridor, I looked at myself in the mirror.
A cute young girl looked at me, it looked as though I could be given no more than 16 years.
Tanya was also ready, she put on the same swimsuit, only white and a shirt that did not cover the bottom of her panties.
Twisting, she asked me what it looks like.
I said that a little frankly and she is worth something to cover up her panties.
To which she replied that we would still be in some swimsuits on the beach, and there is nothing like that in it.
To the beach to go was 20 minutes.
All the way, we chatted with Tanya on various topics and discussed the upcoming school year.
Past by people dressed in almost the same as Tanya.
The sight of the friend herself and her half-covered ass in a thong began to excite me.
In the head climbed vulgar pictures as she fucked a few huge members.
Pussy ached and demanded that it urgently filled with something.
Damn, what I became anxious nymphomaniac.
Can I really not be able to live a day without stretching my cunt? We almost reached the beach, and I was already exhausted from desire.

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Pussy began to itch, and my hands unknowingly began to reach for the crotch.
I began to think about how to please me.
Passing by a small

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store, I remembered that I had forgotten to take the water, and leaving Tanya outside I went in to buy something.
I immediately liked the floor liter tin can of cola.
They looked like a bottle of varnish with which I had fun in the morning, but a little wider.
I definitely wanted to feel it in myself.
Having bought three cans, one for Tanya, one for my pussy, and a third for myself, I hid them in a beach bag and jumped out of the store.
We quickly reached the beach.
A friend showed me the place she found yesterday, it was quite deserted and calm here.
After bedding, Tanya took off her shirt and lay down to sunbathe.
I just had to figure out how to move a can of cola unnoticed from my bag into my pussy.
Fortunately, there was a dressing room nearby, which usually stand on the beaches, with two cabins.
Below, bending down a little, you could see everything up to the level of your knees.
But there was no other option, and the excitement and the juicy pussy turned off my brain for a long time.
– Tan, I will go to the booth to change.
– You’re like in a bathing suit? – puzzled asked friend.
– yes, but only in panties, I said a little blushing.
– I began to invent excuses.
– okay, then rub me with cream when you return.
– well, and then you me.
Tanya turned on her stomach and covered her head with a handkerchief, and I took the bag and jumped into the booth.
Fortunately there was no one around.
Once on the spot, I hung the bag on a hook and pulled off a sundress.
My legs were already shaking and giving way.
Without delaying, I pulled the jar out of my bag, and wiped it with a damp napkin.
What is that, but you should not forget about hygiene.
Putting my panties down to my knees and spreading my legs wide apart, I inserted 4 fingers into my already sniffing pussy and rubbed grease a little over her crotch.
Penetration promised to be a pipe, because in my hands was a bank with a diameter of 6.
5 cm
I have not yet inserted such items into myself.
It was a bit scary, but I wanted it.
I put my ass sticking out and put a jar at the entrance of my girl and started to press.
But in spite of the large amount of my grease, she did not hurry. Live sex book.

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