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In the meantime, I felt a dick in my mouth start to pulsate and the frequency of occurrences in my mouth became severe, sperm began to spill out into my mouth, I could hardly swallow it, and it came out on my blouse.
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After a short rest, my rapist lifted up and set to a tree, making it clear that I put my hands on it, which I did.
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After about ten minutes, I felt that he would finish again and began to squeeze my ass, but he grabbed my throat and put it on my knees and began to cum on my face.
At this time, Olga already had her ass in full swing, from which she was not just moaning but already screaming, it seemed to me that this was audible to the whole park.
The guys made the members lick them up and when they gathered they instantly evaporated, and Olya and I were left lying on the grass with smeared makeup and broken holes (But satisfied).

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