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“Thirty-sixth,” I replied.
“My God, how are you keeping them?” He joked.
He smiled at me and stretched out his arms, inviting me to come closer to him.
“Come here.” I swam up and settled on his chest, the foam covering me up to my neck.
It seemed to me that I screamed again when his hands clasped me, tightly pressed to me.
He did not utter a word, but the rhythmic uplifting and lowering of his chest acted hypnotically on me.
I felt the tension receding, this simple rhythmic movement relaxes my nerves.
I do not know how much time we spent in this position, but after a while I felt a slight nibbling in the neck and ear.
I instantly melted, softened in his hands.
In my head flashed all the cliches that I had ever heard about such moments. Live chat sex apk.

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