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Trying to look under the blouse for an apron.
After all, everything is so close, and not seen.
Puts a menu.
The feeling that she is studying it with me.
I start to sort out the dishes out loud.
Everything that I choose – she discourages, everything that offers her – I do not like.
At some point, she leans a little lower than is customary for the waitresses, almost whispers in my ear “I don’t need to eat here.”
I believe.
Although the smell of walking around the station square, drool already on

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his shoulders.
“Angela, my angel, bring me a hundred brandy.”
Even in brandy glass.
Lingered for a second nearby.
I’m already smooth.
“Angela, sit down next to it, anyway, there is no one in the cafe except me.
Take yourself a coffee, a bun, what’s edible at you, shall I pay? We have breakfast together? “” No.
We can not “Called the driver.
Drove, waiting.
I am cognac.
The owner issued an invoice and took the money.
Another cigarette.
The sun rush, walk on area.
Angela comes up.
Waving a rag over the tables.
He asks me: “What kind of perfume do you have?” “Like? I do not remember the name.
“” Very unusual. “I put a hundred rubles under an ashtray, I get up, I am going to leave.
“Oh, what are you talking about !? It’s not so accepted here, it’s a lot, why?!” She said.

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We stand against each other.
She is head down.
“Make me a company tonight,” I ask her.
She quickly pulled out a pen and wrote something on a napkin.
I put it in my hand and ran away.
He walked across the square to the car, the sun was scorching, inside the brandy, in his hand a crumpled napkin.
There was a bad smile on his face – he had never met women like that before.
Only in the car reviewed – it was her phone number.
So I was hoping.
After a stormy working day, during which I did not forget about Angela, I walked along the Sochi embankment.
The sun was setting, the spring sea rustled.
I went to the breakwater and called.
For a long time we did not speak.
Angela agreed to come to the center, we agreed to take a walk and have dinner.
I still had time for a rendezvous, so I went to the store and bought a dry martini, juice, grapes, nuts, candy, cheese.
Even if nothing happens today, I’ll do everything myself.
I waited in a street cafe near my hotel and sipped my beer.
Angela didn’t have everything, all the waiting periods had passed, and I was a little upset and was already planning to go to Morpheus’s arms, as Angela appeared from the darkness of the alley.
“Angela! How nice to see you! Let’s have dinner?” “I do not want” “Walk?” “Yes, come on.” We switched to “you” and none of us was embarrassed.
After all, we are already familiar.
: -) We wandered around the evening Sochi.
Already started to close the cafe.
I noticed that Angela was becoming distracted, a smile appeared less often.
“Are you tired?” “Very!” “Well, you haven’t said anything before! I, of course, are a fool! You’ve been up all day, and I drove you to walk.
Do you want to sit in a cafe? “” No “.
And then I finally decide: “Do you want to go to my hotel?” “Let’s go, but I’m afraid the reception will not miss” take her hand and lead.
Aunts at the front desk, of course, tried to squeeze something out of themselves. Leppiexxx bongacams.

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