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Rick was obviously amazed at such a high-quality blow job that he had experienced, and watched carefully as I continued to suck his dick and began to swallow his sperm.
I continued and continued to flit over him, unable to tear myself away from such a sweet candy.
Obviously Rick did not finish very, very long time.
I definitely swallowed up all the sperm that had accumulated in his testicles.
It was thick, warm and covered my mouth.
I wondered how many millions of sperm were filling my mouth, and how many millions I had already swallowed.
After a few seconds, I finally swallowed everything without a trace, and Rick, who continuously watched all this action, asked, “Baby, did you just swallow all my sperm?” I continued to suck it slowly and very gently, for a while distracted from so pleasant classes to answer, “Yes,” and again swallowed his dick.
Rick again pulled me from his hobbies with a loud squish.
He turned me around so that I lay in front of him, leaning my back to his chest.
He put his hand under my dress and began to caress my ass, squeezing it pretty hard, then pulled me to him.
He firmly held me in his arms and pressed his hips to my ass and began to rub his cock on my ass.
I was so excited that I almost lost my senses.
While Rick pulled me closer to him, I put my hand between my legs, pulled my panties aside to open free access to my virgin ass.
My high heels, my tights with a slit in the crotch and my ass were looking forward to how his cock would stick into me.
I pulled my hand to send his penis to myself, I guessed that it would be a little painful.
Now I saw Rick’s dick in all its might, and I knew that all the petroleum jelly of the world would not have made this penetration less painful, but I was glad that at least I had prepared my ass for his stallion a little, putting a little grease before leave the hotel.
Anna will surely be angry with me, from that very moment, as a member of Rick gathered full strength in my mouth, I seemed to have fallen into wonderland, and absolutely forgot about the condoms that Anna had put in my purse.

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Holding his penis in my hand, I was psychologically preparing for his penetration.
I do not think that he would have become affectionate with me, would rather fuck like a bitch.
Then I heard a rumbling sound over my ear.
Rick with his dick, with his hard-drenched blood, fell asleep and began to snore.
His cock was still tense, but gradually fell into my hand.
I turned to him, kissed his dick, and then for another good 30 minutes I played with my favorite toy, with the intention of finding out whether it is possible to stand the stallion on its hind legs while he sleeps.
His sleeping member reached a semi-aregulated state in my mouth, and then completely fell off.
But I didn’t care, I just wanted to suck this sweet candy a little more.
In the end, I turned around and pressed my back to Rick, fell asleep.
I just took off my dress and shoes, thinking that Rick would like to wake up with his dick, stubbornly dressed in a slim, strong ass of his doll, which was more than ready to be fucked in her mesh tights.
I fell asleep, basking in Ricky’s warmth, imagining how we would spend the whole Saturday day in bed, and in what unimaginable poses Rick would take me as his gigantic member.
But morning brought nothing at all what I expected.
I was already awake when Rick began to give the first signs of awakening.
It was already quite light, and I felt Rick’s hands on my back.
I thought that he was just trying to get comfortable in order to penetrate me when he suddenly shouted, “Damn !!!” And then I felt how his hands rested against my back and pushed me to the floor.
Rick jumped out of bed, grabbed a robe, soap and shampoo and headed for the bathroom.
He seemed very annoyed, so I stayed on the floor.
On the way to the door, he once again proznes, “Damn !!!” and went out.
It is

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not good.
I took the phone and dialed Anna.
Thank God she already woke up.
She explained to me that, incidentally, I knew so: Rick had a very bad temper, and she promised me that she would meet me five minutes later.
Truth be told, I didn’t even think of leaving the image of Tina.
I looked in the mirror and made sure that the makeup was not smeared, quickly got into the dress, put on my shoes.
My hair was in disarray, but I headed down the hall, past the bathroom, and to the elevator.
And then Rick came out of the bathroom.
He asked me in an angry voice, “Hey, I thought we were going to have dinner with my sister tonight, what the hell are you going to?” “I’m going downstairs to meet your sister right now.
“Just keep quiet about last night,” said Rick. Korean sex movies online.

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